As the boat passed forward, the middle-aged man on the boat flashed a trace of surprise on his face. Looking at the position of the southern barbarians, the long boat at his feet stopped in midair in vain. This kind of breath, is there a monster in the robbery? The middle-aged man muttered to himself, because even here he felt a faint pressure. This is the deterrent breath emanating from heaven and earth, which is particularly distinctive and unique. Therefore, as soon as he feels it, he immediately realizes what is ahead. The middle-aged man hesitated a little, and a thick smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. "Good, good, good," said Gao with a smile. Heaven is really helping me. Even if the monster crosses the robbery, it will certainly lose its vitality. It seems that I'm going to have good luck this time. Laugh a few times, the mind moves, the long boat at the foot is like lightning shuttle, with several times faster than before on the degree of speed to the south barbarian rushed past. A little one is coming again. It needs to be laid out slowly. It hasn't arrived yet. Come first. As for taking the harp as the demon instrument, I have conceived it for a long time. The seven sins demon harp will be an important foundation for connecting the following, and it is the foreshadowing for the integration with human beings. Don't worry. If you want to be overbearing, are you afraid that there will be no demon instrument? Besides, the harp can also be overbearing step by step. I have written according to the outline, did not make a big mistake, Yu Gang will never change,Prison toilet for sale, I will unswervingly write down, small to come, big can be far away? Monthly ticket, everybody's guaranteed monthly ticket all votes for me, lets ten thousand demons rush to a better place on the monthly ticket list! Chapter 115 despicable and shameless. Middle-aged people are no strangers, it is the ancestor of the Li family. Don't be old, the water is just a middle-aged man, his age. Has long been hundreds of years old,stainless steel shower tray, but, in the face of skill, in order to maintain the present appearance. Otherwise. Most of the monks who are hundreds of years old will also look old. This man's name is Zhuo, Li Canglan. Be a man of self-cultivation. Has reached the profound realm of the late Jiedan, but his aptitude, that is, the spirit root is not very good, but the medium spirit root, in such a world now, it is not easy to practice Jiedan. If you want to go forward, there is no big chance, it is almost impossible to break Dan into a baby. If he stays in the realm of Jiedan all the time, he is afraid that in another hundred years, his longevity yuan will be exhausted. At that time, no matter how high his cultivation is, Self-closing Faucet ,Time Delay Tap, he will eventually become a pile of loess. Originally, he didn't intend to come out of seclusion. If it wasn't for the psychic compass, he wouldn't have paid any attention to it. Three years. Only he knew that three years later, it was the only chance for him to impact the realm of yuan Ying. The psychic compass was the most important one. How could he be indifferent. Hearing that Li Wan fled back to the family in a mess, Li Canglan could no longer calmly continue to retreat, and finally prepared to leave for Nanman in person. He also had a general understanding of what happened in the southern barbarians. The action of the southern barbarian monsters United really shocked him. It was not an ordinary monster, but the king of the monsters. Each of them had magical powers that were far more powerful than ordinary monsters. From the power, even Dan Friar dare not easily involved in its edge. As long as it's not yuan Ying Lao Guai. Who dares to say that he can survive the siege of the monster king. Even though Li Canglan has been famous for hundreds of years, he dare not boast about such Haikou. Haha, God is helping me this time. Just wait until this monster gets through the disaster. When the inner elixir is formed, kill it and seize it. With this real demon elixir in hand, I will ask Ziyang Zhenren in Danding Valley to refine a furnace of Zhenyang elixir. Maybe I can break through to the realm of yuan Ying. Li Canglan no longer has a slow state of mind at the beginning, driving the long boat under his body, chasing the wind and electricity to the south of the past. The long boat under his body is not an ordinary thing. It is a flying instrument made by him from the bones of a thunderbird. Its quality is the best. Its flying degree alone is definitely one or two times faster than the flying of the same kind of man's sword. It can be regarded as a proud instrument in his hands. It's called a floating cloud boat. Driven by his fastest speed, it was not long before he rushed into the Nanman Mountains. There is a dense fog over the pulse. He wasn't flying overhead, though. Only in the mountains, low imperial line, degree fast. So fast that the creatures in the mountains just feel a flower in front of them and disappear, as if they had never seen it before. In a twinkling of an eye, he appeared near the cloud, looked up at the black cloud in the sky, only to see his mouth pull out a meaningful smile, the whole floating cloud boat suddenly disappeared, he also restrained his whole body breath. Hiding in a remote corner. Boom! There was a constant roar in the thunderclouds. The pressure spread around like a tide, and under the cover of the black cloud of plunder, the people outside simply did not know what was going on in the cloud of plunder. Just see, in the cloud of plunder, flashing out of the thunder more and more frequent, more and more dense, burst of light around the four escape, according to the surrounding, a white light. Bite!! About a quarter of an hour after Medusa entered the cloud, the cloud rolled violently with an unprecedented degree. Moreover, in the rolling, the huge cloud of plunder was rapidly shrinking the space around the shock, creating a strange distortion, and the nearby creatures were pressed in their mouths and noses, spurting blood one after another. In a strange roar, a cold voice suddenly returned over the southern barbarians. Ten thousand snakes dance together, devour thunder and lightning, inner alchemy congeals, sharp becomes demon! "Yo, only yo!!" Suddenly, I heard it. Countless strange roars were heard one after another, which were extremely terrible. Boom! In the dark clouds. All of a sudden. A huge snakehead suddenly came out of it, and, one after another, huge snakeheads rushed out from every angle of the cloud. These snakeheads appeared, and did not stop,Flush Retrofit Kit, but danced crazily, opened their mouths, and went to the cloud around them.