"You beast!" Now with toes also know what Jin Yanhui wants to do, Taeyeon saw Jin Yanhui looking at his leering eyes, the heart was cold to the extreme, the last glimmer of hope on the text message just sent, in danger, Taeyeon's mind the first figure is Yunxuan, so she did not hesitate to send a text message to Yunxuan. But did not expect Jin Yanhui is very alert, Taeyeon has not finished, was found, fortunately, the text message was finally sent out. Yunxuan oppa, come quickly! Taeyeon shouted in her heart. You see, we are so destined, so we should be obedient! Brother will make you very comfortable! "Hey, hey." Jin Yanhui ignored Taeyeon's cries. In his eyes, Taeyeon was already easy to catch. After that, she would only make a sound that made him excited. Go to hell! Taeyeon gnashed her teeth and stared at Jin Yanhui and said. How can that work! Come on! Beauty! Jin Yanhui approached Taeyeon step by step. Don't come here! If you come here again, I'll shout for help! Taeyeon looked at Kim Yan-hui in fear and verbally threatened. Haha, try it, the room is so soundproof that you can have a party inside and not hear a sound outside! Jin Yanhui said disdainfully, his feet are still approaching Taeyeon, he likes to approach each other step by step, this feeling of gradually crushing each other's resistance makes him very cool. Why do you wear so many clothes on such a hot day? Jin Yanhui smiled and reached out to take off Taeyeon's clothes. Taeyeon desperately wanted to struggle, but where could he earn Jin Yanhui? Yo, what an upturned mouth! Come on,Automatic Nail Making Machine, kiss! Jin Yanhui pulled away Taeyeon's flapping hands and forcibly tried to kiss Taeyeon's mouth. Ah Suddenly, Jin Yanhui's face changed, and then he squatted on the ground, covering his stomach and moaning constantly. Taeyeon seized the opportunity to stand up and run. Bitch! Dare to kick me! Jin Yanhui held back the sharp pain from his stomach, and then slapped Taeyeon's delicate face. Five finger prints clearly emerged on Taeyeon's face, and tears of grievance flowed from the corners of her eyes, which was very painful. Shame on you! Kim Tae-yeon, I tell you, if you let me play once today, then you will still be the captain of your Girls' Generation, hum, otherwise, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Automatic nail machine, I will take your picture, so that you will never turn over in your life! Jin Yanhui said with a vicious threat. Clang. Taeyeon felt a shock in her head and a sudden chill in her heart. Jin Yanhui's words directly hit Taeyeon's good friend. Seeing that Taeyeon froze, Jin Yanhui sneered and reached out to continue to take off Taeyeon's clothes. Ah Taeyeon reflexively lifted her foot and kicked Jin Yanhui at the root of his thigh, and Jin Yanhui immediately let out a scream. Ok! I'll give you medicine! For a long time, Jin Yanhui stood up and looked at Taeyeon coldly and said. He is now very regretful, why not pour medicine to Taeyeon at the beginning, otherwise, it would have been over by now. "Master Lan Feng, I found out that half an hour ago, Kim Yan-hui came here with people, including Kim Tae-yeon." A middle-aged man in a black suit stood behind Yunxuan and said respectfully to Yunxuan. Half an hour ago? Yun Xuan's heart is cold to the extreme, at the same time, the heart is also furious, if caught that called Jin Yanhui, he must be dismembered. Uh The middle-aged man nodded. Get in there right now! Yunxuan gnashed his teeth and said, "If anything happens to Taeyeon, I want that Jin Yanhui to be dismembered!" "I see!" Although Jin Yanhui's family is very powerful, but in front of the giant family Chu family, it seems that some are not enough to see, middle-aged people just received a notice from Chu Tianhao to help Yunxuan. Yunxuan is also worried that he can't save people by himself. In a hurry, he had to ask Chu Tianhao for help. Without saying a word, Chu Tianhao let a person in charge of Beijing send some people to help Yunxuan. "Not here yet?" Taeyeon was forced to drink the medicine, weak lying on the bed, the body slowly become hot, the expression also began to become a little lax. Ha ha, how is it! Wait a minute and you'll be a slut! Jin Yanhui laughed lewdly. As soon as the voice fell, I heard "Bang!" The door was kicked open with a bang. Who Jin Yanhui scolded angrily. Bang, "the oncoming is Yunxuan a flying leg, because of anger, Yunxuan this foot directly kicked Jin Yanhui fainted." Taeyeon, are you all right? Yunxuan ran to Taeyeon's side with concern. Taeyeon's clothes were already in tatters. The spring scenery was leaking, and the immature mountain peaks were exposed to the air. Get out of here! Seeing the middle-aged man still standing in the room, Yunxuan stared and roared angrily. Yes! Young master! Come on, get this guy out of here! The middle-aged man broke out in a cold sweat and hurriedly beckoned his men to drag Jin Yanhui away. Yunxuan oppa, are you here? Taeyeon opened her eyes with difficulty and saw Yunxuan with a happy look on her face. Yeah, I'm here. It's okay! It's all right! Yoon-hyun took Taeyeon's hand and whispered in Taeyeon's ear. Uh Taeyeon smiled at the corners of her mouth. I'll take you away. Yoon-hyun took off his coat and prepared to put it on Taeyeon. No, oppa, I feel so hot. I want to take off my clothes. Taeyeon's eyes gradually turned red and her hands kept grabbing her clothes. God damn it! What did he give Taeyeon? Yunxuan said angrily. Oppa, I'm hot! Taeyeon groaned. His hands were still pulling his clothes. Taeyeon, don't do this! Yunxuan looked at Taeyeon, who was already unconscious,nail manufacturing machine, with some panic. I'm so hot! Taeyeon lay on Yoon-hyun's back and kept rubbing. Yun Xuan felt two soft meat balls on his back, and he felt excited all over. oppa……” Tae-yeon called softly in Yunxuan's ear, and her hands were wrapped around Yunxuan's neck at some point. 3shardware.com