Determined not to let this thing come true, too many planes are male superiority and female inferiority, Ning Shu wants to see these men live humbly under the control of women. It's good to say that Ning Shu has a bad taste. Anyway, that's what Ning Shu thinks. Even if a man can turn over one day, Ning Shu doesn't want it to come so early. Your Majesty, Queen Feng is waiting outside the palace. Is Your Majesty going to summon Queen Feng? The autumn female officer looked at Ning Shu so painful that the veins on his forehead were exposed, and his face was twisted. She asked Ning Shu carefully. Ning Shu shook her head, she did not want to see Feng Hou, she is like this, Feng Hou will certainly see, Ning Shu does not want the news of his poisoning to spread out. Otherwise gave Mu Xue the opportunity to supervise the country, oneself this empress will certainly be overhead. Chapter 544 Xiaoyao Nvzunguo 11. Liu Changqing heard Qiu Nvguan say that Your Majesty did not see him. He glanced into the palace and said to Qiu Nvguan, "Please take care of Your Majesty." Autumn female officer hurriedly saluted, "this is the maidservant's duty." Liu Changqing took another look at the hall and then turned away. Qiu Nvguan walked into the hall and said to Ning Shu, "Your Majesty, Queen Feng has gone." Ning Shu asked, "What is it that Queen Feng is looking for me for?" "It seems to be a tonic for Your Majesty." Qiu Nvguan saw Liu Changqing carrying a food box in her hand, and finally took it away. Ning Shu:.. Is the tonic soup, if Liu Changqing every time sent over the tonic soup she drank,die casting parts, also do not know not to fill into what kind of appearance, but also may not be empty. However, Ning Shu guessed in his heart that Liu Changqing was afraid to test himself to see if he was ill. In short, Ning Shu has great vigilance against Liu Changqing and Muxue, the father and daughter. Your Majesty, today is fifteen. Said Qiu Nvguan. What about fifteen? She's walking like a steel knife in pain now. Is she still going to Fengqi Palace? When it hurts, I want to hit my head against the wall. Even a blind man could see that something was wrong with her. Ning Shu repeatedly told Qiu Nvguan,Magnetic Drain Plug, "Pay attention to the people below. You can't talk nonsense with a big mouth." "The maidservant will pay attention." The autumn female officer saw that Ning Shu's clothes were all wet with yellow sweat, and hurriedly prepared hot water to take a bath. In the evening, the palace people of Fengqi Hall came to invite Ning Shu and asked Ning Shu if he would go to Fengqi Hall. Qiu Nvguan said directly that Your Majesty was busy with political affairs and would not go there. The palace people went back to tell Liu Changqing that Your Majesty would not come to Fengqi Palace tonight. When Liu Changqing heard this, he pursed his lips and finally said, "Go to bed." The next day when Ning Shu went to court, when he saw Mu Xue, he took a memorial to the throne and threw it at Mu Xue. Mu Xue was stupefied for a moment, hit by Ning Shu, also forgot to hide, was hit by the hard corner of the memorial to the throne in the forehead, was smashed skin, out of the blood beads. Muxue touched her forehead and saw the bright red blood on her fingers. A sharp look flashed across her face. She knelt down and lowered her head and said in fear, "I don't know why my mother is so angry." "Your Majesty calms down." The civil and military ministers all knelt down. Open the memorial to the throne and see what's on it. Empress Dowager, as the crown prince of a country, deep draw stamping ,Steel investment casting, you actually keep a large group of men outside. What are you going to do? As Empress Dowager, you should always be cautious. It's difficult for you to make people in the whole country think that Empress Daughter is a waste. A profligate person ?” "Are you going to be the crown prince?" Ning Shu says coldly, "raise so a group of men, the string bamboo inside is licentious.". The sound of music is disturbing the next door. 。” Muxue frowned Yingting's eyebrows tightly, picked up the memorial on the ground, opened it and saw that the content of the memorial was to impeach her. Excessive licentiousness Keeping many men is contrary to the calm and prudent nature of the crown prince of a country. Ning Shu looked coldly at Mu Xue, "what else do you want to say?" "My son.." Muxue a face of depression, those men are not men, but he is looking for talent, he will play with men? Muxue has the feeling of stepping on shit. Let Mu Xue think impassability, how she was impeached?! As for disturbing the next-door neighbors, those people don't do that. The matter of disability 。 Muxue glanced at the high queen and did not argue, "I know I'm wrong." "If you know you're wrong, you have to correct it. How can I trust you to give the country to you? Where do these men come from and where do they go back? Don't appear in Xuancheng." Ning Shu felt that the bones on his body were about to break, his voice was almost stolen from his teeth, and his whole body was sweating profusely. When the ministers saw Ning Shu's body trembling slightly, they thought that Ning Shu was in a hurry and shouted one by one to let Ning Shu calm down. Muxue knocked her head on the ground and said in a muffled voice, "I know." "As a crown prince, we should always pay attention to our own behavior, dismiss these men and ground them for a month." Ning Shu felt his throat surge up, almost spurting out, swallowing can not go down, Ning Shu turned to the side of the hall. Sister Huang, your forehead is bleeding. Are you all right? Mu Yao stretched out her hand to help Mu Xue get up. Mu snow brushed open Mu Yao's hand, stood up, did not look at Mu Yao turned away, the back is full of cold breath. Mu Yao wrinkled the charming nose, she felt that the big emperor elder sister did not like her, her attitude is also strange. But Mu Yao immediately did not care about Mu Yao's attitude, happily went back to the house, she will soon get married. As soon as Ning Shu walked into the side hall, he couldn't hold back any longer. Wow, he spat out a big pool of blood. This time, the blood was not bright red, but mixed with blood clots. It looked a bit like a fragment of internal organs. Ning Shu felt that he could not hold out for long. Your Majesty, do you want to call the royal doctor? You can't stand it if you always vomit blood like this. Qiu Nvguan looked at the blood on the obsidian floor and said in a trembling voice. Ning Shu waved his hand and lay on the couch with a gossamer breath. Qiu Nvguan personally drew water, squatted on the ground with a rag to wipe the blood on the ground, eyes red, Ning Shu looked at her like this, to some funny, "what are you crying for?" "The maidservant loves your majesty." Qiu Nvguan wiped the floor hard. Ning Shu is quite happy, at least today will be Mu Xue lucky to find talent away, Mu Xue in the court,metal stamping parts, is there no one in the queen's court, to impeach her is not a matter of minutes. Now the most important thing is to find the heir, Ning Shu will be sent out to inspect the two empresses and three empresses of the dark guard came back.