Original title: How to choose the drill bit of rotary drilling rig? All workers with experience in mechanical work are deeply concerned about the wear and tear of machinery. The selection of key parts of machinery directly determines the service life of mechanical equipment. In this regard, Nanjing Infinite Xiaobian introduces how to select drill bits for rotary drilling rigs. Select the drill bit according to the geological condition The main function of the rotary drilling rig is to form a hole slot on the surface, and the working object is rock. Because the depth of the pile hole is shallow, the rock structure, particle size, porosity, cementation condition, occurrence,dth hammer bit, compressive strength and so on have undergone complex changes through tectonic movement, natural mechanical and chemical action. In addition, China has a vast territory, so the working object of the rotary drilling rig is particularly complex. To sum up,down the hole bit, there are the following categories. According to lithology, it can be divided into mud shale, sandstone, limestone, granite, etc.; according to genesis, Tapered Rock Bit ,fastest dth hammer, it can be divided into magmatic rock Sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock; solid according to mechanical properties Plastic and loose. So how to choose the drill bit according to the formation conditions? The following is a classified introduction 。 (1) Clay: the rotary drilling bucket with single-layer bottom shall be selected. If the diameter is too small, the two-petal bucket or the drilling bucket with unloading plate can be used. (2) Sludge, soil layer with weak viscosity, sandy soil and pebble layer with poor cementation and small particle size can be equipped with double-bottom drilling bucket. (3) Hard daub: select rotary drilling bucket with single soil inlet (single and double bottoms) or straight screw with bucket teeth. (4) Frozen soil layer: the straight spiral drilling bucket and rotary drilling bucket with bucket teeth can be used if the ice content is low, and the conical spiral drill bit can be used if the ice content is high. It should be noted that the spiral drill bit is effective for soil layers (except silt), but it must be used when there is no groundwater, so as to avoid jamming caused by suction. (5) Cemented gravel and strongly weathered rocks: conical auger bits and rotary drilling buckets with double bottoms shall be provided (single port for larger particle size and double port for smaller particle size). (6) Wind bedrock: equipped with rotary drilling bucket with double-bottom of pick barrel coring bit and conical auger bit, or rotary drilling bucket with double-bottom of pick straight auger bit. (7) Slightly weathered bedrock: if the diameter of the rotary drilling bucket equipped with cone barrel coring bit and conical auger bit with double bottom is too large, the grading drilling process shall be adopted. As the basic distributor of XCMG, Nanjing Infinite has sold various series and models of rotary drilling rigs of XCMG to customers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Fujian, Sichuan and other regions, and has served in the construction of Lianxu high-speed railway, Anjiu high-speed railway, Weilai high-speed railway and various piles. At the same time, it has more than 50 sets of self-owned equipment, 220, 280,Mining Drilling Equipment, 360, 400 and other types of rotary drilling rigs for rent, and the leasing business is all over the country. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com