Tile And Grout Cleaning Mississauga


Even if you have carpeted floor in your whole house, but still you have got tiles in your bathrooms and kitchen, where you have started noticing that the tiles are losing their original look and grouts are getting darker. That means the protective sealant has been broken and dirt, germs, and especially molds and mildews have started developing. These things develop mostly in damp areas like bathrooms and kitchen corners. Our special services of tile and grout cleaning Mississauga are remarkable enough to remove all these issues from your house to deliver a cleaner and safer house for your loved ones.

Something Is Meant To Be For Professionals

If you are a cleaning geek and keeping every item of your house clean and shiny, by doing so you bought some expensive flooring cleaning solution as well which contains a harmful chemical that no doubt cleans your floor for a while but also damages the protective sealant. By using harsh chemicals, your tiles and grout become vulnerable to dirt, stains, bacteria, and mildew. That is the reason you have started seeing the stains and dirt on your grout.Fresh Maple has trained their workers professionally and they are aware of every kind of tiles and grout material, they know what kind of solutions are better to remove them without damaging their original nature. We carefully choose our cleaning solutions that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and tiles specifically formulated that clean your floor and are environmental-friendly.

House Cleaning Vs Professional Cleaning


Well, there is no doubt that no one can love your house more than you, and we 100% agree with that, you do everything to keep your house spotless. Whether it’s your living room, your bedroom, your kitchen, or your bathroom, you manage and keep everything in its place to look organized. But are you buying store-bought expensive floor cleaning solutions to keep them in a good shape? But still, seeing some dirt in your grout and stains on your kitchen tiles? That is the only flaw you are not able to remove no matter what you do. So here you need professional help.We understand the corners of the house are the most crucial area to clean. Kitchen corners got all greased and dirt that becomes hard to clean, and so do your bathroom corners that stay damp most of the time. Our professional approach, advanced machinery, and biodegradable solutions help us to clear all your house floors and special corners that are hard to reach and clean.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Mississauga Process

We do not complicate things in the name of professional cleaning services and charge a big amount. Our cleaning process is as simple as mentioned below.

• A day before the cleaning process, our team will visit to assess the situation of your floor and let you know what kind of process will be followed.

• The next day our team will visit with the necessary equipment to start cleaning.

• First, we will sweep, and mop your floor with a wet towel to remove dirt and dust containment.

• Then we will apply a cleaning solution and start scrubbing with our heavy-duty machines that will penetrate deeply into your grout and remove dirt, stains, germs, and molds from them.

• Then our power rinsing method will remove all those dirty items from your tiles and grout and brings back the shiny tiles you had before.

• In the end, we apply a protective sealant to keep your tiles safe from all dirt and stains for a longer period.

Why Choose Us?


Fresh Maple has built this company many years back, to provide exemplary cleaning services for a flawless house or office. And today with all the accomplishments and gaining people's trust we are proud to be one of the finest floor cleaning companies in the state.Working for this long gives us a vast experience and knowledge about the floor materials, people’s behavior, and demands that are helping us make our services more effective and efficient. We always use prime products to keep your tile and grout in their original position. Our products are ecologically innocuous and safe for your pets and loved ones. We also offer new grout filling with a different color if you want to change the look of your floor.You can always contact us to get the remarkable carpet cleaning in Mississauga services for shiner house floors.