Are trying to find a chandelier for your dining room that will make it look spectacular? For the process to get easier for you here is a list of chandeliers that suits well for a dining room. From candle chandeliers to high-five crystal chandeliers you can select anything that compliments your dining area well. Your lighting is going to reflect your personality and taste.

Having a chandelier in the dining room that is suspended on the top of your dining table would look stunning, and that is the least you can say about it. the key to getting a dramatic but intimate atmosphere in the dining room is possible with the lighting in the room. So if your dining room still doesn’t have a chandelier then maybe this is a sign that you should.

If you are planning to renovate your dining hall and want an idea on chandeliers or the lighting info then Sofary is here to solve your problem and make the process easier. You can try them out as they are convenient and easy to work with. Make sure you follow the rule about the chandelier before you fix them up over your table.

There are certain points that you should make a note of. Like, make sure there is a 1/2th to 3/4th of the dining table width in your dining hall. And the most important part of positioning the chandelier is that it must reach almost 30 to 32 inches over the dining table.

And to decide the size of the chandelier in your dining room here is a simple tip. You just have to add the dimensions of the room in feet and change them into inches. The measurement will help you to equal the diameter of the chandelier. To understand in a better way here is an example,

If your dining room is measured as 10’ x 14’, then your chandelier should have a diameter of around 24”. Chandeliers are said to have a forever charm in themselves. The olden designs of chandeliers are said to have a formal look, whereas the chandeliers now a days get a more trendy and stylish look at an affordable price.

There is a huge range of styles, shape, finishes and sizes to select the perfect chandelier from. Having such a big amount to choose from you need to make sure that you choose a chandelier that fits well in your dining room and complements your taste in style effortlessly.

 To get the process done in an easy way for you, here is a list of chandeliers that will give you an idea of the products available in the market and you can choose the one for your dining room through this.

  • Candle style chandeliers.
  • The wheel of illumination.
  • Novelty dining room chandeliers.
  • Rustin flower of metal.
  • Industrial minimalism.
  • Shaded lamp style chandelier.
  • Statement making glass pendant light.
  • Rustin charm of a wooden chandelier.
  • Timeless teardrop crystal chandelier.

These are a few chandeliers from the list of 100+ chandeliers that would be the best for you. You can even get slight customization done for your chandeliers to match them with the interior decoration. 

Get a chandelier and get the statement of your home to go higher. They set the mood of your dining room ad the entire house in a simple but classy way.