There was a clang! As if something was broken, I took a look and saw that I was holding the rusty yellow nest sword in my hand. Just now I tried my best to cut off the engraved sword, but what surprised me was not this, because there was a dazzling blade in the broken gap, and there was a hair on the blade. Obviously, this is the evil spirit caused by killing too many people. I finally understood that this was indeed the real Yellow Nest Sword, and the layer of patina outside was actually a layer of something like a scabbard, but even so, the Yellow Nest Sword could not cut off the damn railing. The ninth uncle in the cave lost his breath. So very weak, it said to me, "No.". Don't waste your efforts. The existing teacher has passed all the Qi to you. This is the Huangchao Sword given to you by Lao Wang. Don't let us down. Go quickly "No, I'm not going!" My cries were already hysterical and weak, and I said to Uncle Jiu, "Master!"! I'm not going, I'm going with you! At this time, the bell of the death knell of the capital of Hubei in the distance suddenly came over. It was not as heavy as before, but more and more urgent. Listening to it in my ears, it gave me a very urgent and depressed feeling. At the same time, the copper coin sword on my back began to tremble, as if it was resonance. Uncle Jiu's face changed slightly. He said to me, "It's time to come. They have found this Yang Qi now. I believe they will find it soon. Without further ado, you should go quickly or you will be ashamed of your work!" I crouched on the ground and held my head in pain. What kind of feeling is it! Originally I came to save nine uncle, did not think or powerless,12v High Torque Motor, his uncle, this is why! His youngest disciple looked like this, and suddenly a touch of sadness appeared on his face. Indeed, today's parting is tantamount to eternal estrangement, and we will not meet again in the future. Think about it, although people who cultivate Taoism have cultivated the right path, they are still human beings after all. If they are human beings, they will have a heart, and if they have a heart,micro gear motor, they will have pain, which can not be changed. But Uncle Nine knows the seriousness of the matter. Holding back his grief, he shouted to me, "Xiao Fei!"! Do you want to see the teacher dying in front of you now! You remember! You're not a baby! You're Mr. White Pie! You have an obligation to save the common people! Do you understand?! I heard Uncle Jiu say this to me. Suddenly stunned, what words can not say, all blocked in the throat, yes, I can not die, nine uncle entrusted me to do things I have not done, if I die now, then I believe that nine uncle will not close his eyes, at this time, has been vaguely able to hear the lament of those wild animals at the foot of the mountain. It was obvious that a ghost had sent me up the mountain, and it would be too late if I didn't go. So I endured the sharp pain in my heart and kowtowed three times respectfully to Uncle Jiu in the cave. I thought that I had kowtowed three times to Uncle Jiu when he passed me the Book of Three Clear Times. That was because I wanted to live. Later, Uncle Jiu sent me to the Yellow Chicken to return to the sun. I also kowtowed to him three times, because I was grateful to him, Micro Gear Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, and now I kowtowed to him three times, this time because of the last meeting of our master and disciples. The fate of our master and disciples is over, and we will never meet again in the future. When Uncle Jiu saw that I had kowtowed three times, he said to me weakly, "Get up, Xiao Fei. I hope you will be safe in the future." Holding back my grief, I stood up. The lament of the wild animals at the foot of the mountain was getting closer and closer. It seemed that I could already feel the ground shaking slightly. So I said to Uncle Jiu sadly, "Master, I'm leaving. Thank you for taking care of me all the time. I will never forget you!" Uncle Jiu nodded with relief and then said to me, "Go, my disciple, and find your own way." Suddenly, I didn't dare to go to see Uncle Jiu again, for fear that I was still reluctant to give up, so I covered my eyes and turned to run down the opposite hill. Listening to the sound, those ghosts should go up the hill from the east, while I went down the hill from the west, so I should be able to avoid them. I ran all the way down the mountain, like crazy running, fell many times, but quickly climbed up, the pain and the inexplicable sadness in my heart is simply too small, I have been running like this, there was no wind around, but when I ran, my ears were full of wind, and the scenes of a long talk with Uncle Jiu all night appeared in my mind. I can't get rid of it. Chest a burst of depression, but did not dare to shout out, I suddenly found that everything in front of me seemed to turn red, at the same time, my heart was thoughtful, fell to the ground again, rolled down the mountain. I don't know how long I rolled, but I stopped. A laughing tree stopped my body, and I was about to reach the foot of the mountain. I climbed up against the tree, sat on the ground, touched my eyes with my hands, looked up, and suddenly smiled bitterly. It turned out that I did not cry out tears, but cried out blood. Suddenly, I felt as if I was ridiculous. I looked at the high Shipan Mountain, and the thick fog covered the top of the mountain again. I lit a cigarette and stood up. Running down without any hesitation, it seems that only constant running can alleviate the pain in my heart at this moment. All this came too suddenly, suddenly let me can not accept, in the end, I still can not rescue nine uncle, then I came to hell this time what is his purpose?! Running all the way down the hill, I held a big tree and gasped, not because I was tired, but because the depression in my chest was too unbearable. And the laughing tree I was holding kept patting the leaves like hands, and I couldn't tell whether it was laughing at me or laughing at the fate of his uncle. Instead of turning back,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, I took the time to run forward. Uncle Wang said that if I wanted to run out, I couldn't turn back. The blood from my eyes trickled down my chin on my black shroud. I'm not afraid of death. Really, I'm actually dead now. I just can't refuse what Uncle Jiu said to me at the end. How can I refuse the old man who sacrificed himself for the comfort of the world.