WhatsApp marketing software is all approximately relationships with the target target market and turning in value. However, there may be area for a few creativity in those conditions. Let’s take a once-over of WhatsApp campaigns from all types of groups and get a dose of suggestion to your very own logo promotions.
Klook – transactional messages
The on-line tour platform Klook determined to apply WhatsApp for purchaser pride and to boom retention. Thus, the employer constructed its advertising and marketing approach round updates and notifications approximately bookings.
Klook saved its clientele's fine hobbies at coronary heart and had to discover the maximum handy verbal exchange channel. As the employer has an large target target market withinside the Asia-Pacific region, the selection fell on WhatsApp – the app is sizeable on this area.
The tour platform invited its internet site and app traffic to enroll in WhatsApp notifications – order updates and reminders. As a result, the opt-in charge for WhatsApp became out to be 63�tter than for the Klook app’s push notifications. The purchaser retention charge grew through 40%.
Klook’s transactional messages on WhatsApp. Source: Facebook
Netflix – non-public tips
The streaming giant, Netflix, is aware of a touch some thing approximately maintaining its customers engaged with the carrier. The carrier gives non-public tips in its cell application. In 2017, the employer determined to increase this exercise to WhatsApp.
Netflix released this marketing campaign in January 2017 in India – WhatsApp's largest market. Users, who had each Netflix and WhatsApp mounted on their smartphones, noticed the provide to live in contact thru WhatsApp messenger. If someone clicked “I’m in,” they commenced to get hold of messages approximately their account and TV software and movie suggestions. Half a 12 months after Netflix provided the equal possibility for its customers withinside the UK.
The trick right here changed into to maintain interacting with clients even after they’ve canceled their Netflix subscription. New display bulletins and reminders precipitated recipients to resubscribe to the streaming platform.
Netflix’s notifications in WhatsApp. Source: Techjokey
Agent Provocateur – profound counseling
The upmarket underwear logo, Agent Provocateur, determined to move a piece similarly with tips to clients. A couple of years ago, the employer commenced its Ménage à Trois marketing campaign committed to Christmas.
Agent Provocateur provided couples to begin a collection chat with the logo assistant on WhatsApp. During the communication, the employer consultant gave non-public tips and facilitated the dialogue of what the possibilities desired for Christmas.
31% of those conversations led to in-save visits and 61% transformed into internet site traffic. The marketing campaign changed into so a success that Agent Provocateur determined to make Whatsapp counseling a everlasting carrier for VIP clients.
The communication with the Agent Provocateur assistant. Source: HuffPost
Saffola – real-time assist
If you have attempted any diet, you're probable acquainted with the cravings for a slice of pizza or a cookie. The Indian healthcare logo, Saffola, determined to construct its marketing campaign round preventing this need for dangerous food.
To assist human beings fight their dangerous consuming habits, Saffola crafted a WhatsApp chatbot. A person ought to ship a message to this bot once they felt a yearning for a few consolation food. In turn, the chatbot attempted to distract someone with pre-recorded high-quality reinforcements, puzzles, or even a rap song. The latter promoted Suffola’s new energetic slimming drink.
A screenshot from Saffola’s Beat the crave promotional video. Source: WAT Consult
Adidas – tackling audiences’ issues
The sports clothing logo, Adidas, used WhatsApp as part of its new shoe promoting marketing campaign. The logo determined to awareness on a slender target target market – beginner soccer gamers – and assist them address their unique issue.
Football groups pretty frequently revel in issues with stuff. Some gamers may also drop out on the ultimate minute earlier than a match, and there is probably no replacement. Adidas provided to discover a replacement thru WhatsApp. All you want to do is ship a message to a WhatsApp hotline and percentage important records approximately the match. In return, Adidas will ship a top-notch soccer participant for your game.
Although the marketing campaign simplest lasted for 6 days and centered a selected target target market, it has introduced magnificent results. In particular, Adidas were given a number of buzz in soccer media, retail websites, blogs, and so on.
A communication on WhatsApp with an Adidas consultant. Source: Medium
Some of those examples are easy but effective, whilst others are tough to recreate. However, they illustrate the primary policies of a success advertising and marketing: concentrate for your target target market and recognise their needs, offer value, and be creative. Want to research extra WhatsApp hacks?

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