Jiang Feng suddenly hissed with laughter, but the laughter was more bitter and tragic than all the crying in the world. His bloodshot eyes were fixed on Hua Yuenu. "Save me?" He said with a sad smile. Who else in the world can save me? If you die, can I still live? Yue Nu, Yue Nu, don't you understand me until now? Hua Yuenu held back the tears that would burst out of her eyes again and said softly, "I know you, I know you naturally, but if you die, what should the children do?" What about the children? Her voice finally turned into a cry of grief. Holding Jiang Feng's hand tightly, she shed tears and said, "This is our sin. No one has the right to leave the sins of the previous generation to the next generation to bear the bitter fruit, even you.." You can't, and you have no right to seek relief by dying. Jiang Ke's sad smile had already stopped, and his steel teeth would be broken. "I know how easy it is to die and how hard it is to live, but please.." said Hua Yuenu in a trembling voice. Please, for the sake of the child, you must live. With tears streaming down her face, Jiang Feng seemed to be infatuated and murmured, "I must live." Do I really have to live? "Master Ergong," said Hua Yuenu, "you should have saved him for whatever reason. If you had a heart to love him, you wouldn't have seen him die in front of you." "Really?" Said Lord Youyou. Hua Yuenu hissed, "You can save him.." You will surely save him. "Lord Pian gave a long sigh and said," Yes, I can save him.. " Words did not finish,MBR reactor, also do not know from where sounded a person's voice, slowly said: "Wrong, you can not save him, no one in the world can save him!" " This voice is so smart, ethereal, unpredictable, this voice is so cold, ruthless, trembling, but it is so soft,wall penstocks, charming, soul-stirring. There is no one in the world who hears this voice and can forget it. The sky of the earth seems to be full of murder and chill because of this faint sentence, and the sunset seems to lose its color because of this sentence. Jiang Feng's body trembled like autumn leaves. Pity the face of the Lord of the Star Palace, and immediately pale without a trace of blood. A figure in white had come up to them from the setting sun. She doesn't know where she came from or how she came. Her clothes were fluttering like the wind, her white clothes were better than snow, her long hair was like clouds, she was graceful like a fairy, but no one could describe her appearance, because no one in the world dared to look up at her. She seems to be born with a kind of awesome magic, irresistible magic, she seems to be always high above, people can not look up to! The head of the Lord of the Pity Star Palace also hung down, biting the cherry lips and saying, "Sister, you." You're here, too. "I'm here," said the Lord of the Moon Palace, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,rapid sand filters, "but you can't imagine." Lord Pian hung his head even lower and said, "Sister, when did you come here?" "It's not too early for me to come," said the Lord of the Moon Palace. "It's just early enough for me to hear many things that others don't want me to hear." Jiang Feng thought a flash, suddenly shouted: "You." You You So you have already come. The cockscomb man and the black-faced gentleman dare to go and return. Did you tell them to come back? Did you tell them all the secrets? "Isn't it too late for you to think of it now?" Asked the Lord of the Moon Palace. Jiang Feng's eyes cracked and he shouted, "You.." Why are you doing this?! Why are you so cruel?! "I must be ten times more cruel to a cruel man," said the Lord of the Moon Palace. Hua'er Nu couldn't help crying out, "Master, it's all my fault, you.." You can't blame him. "The voice of the Lord of the Moon Palace suddenly became as cold as a knife." You.. How dare you speak here? Hua Yuenu crawled on the ground and said, "I.." I Invite the Lord of the Moon Palace to say slowly, "You are very good." Now you've seen me, now.. You can die! When Hua Yuenu saw her, she was so frightened that she didn't even dare to shed tears. She had already closed her eyes and whispered, "Thank you, Master." Open your eyes, look at Jiang Feng, and then look at the child,-she is only a slight glance, but also this glance contains emotions, but deeper than the sea. Jiang Feng's heart was broken and he shouted, "Moon slave, you can't die." Can't die. Hua Yuenu said softly, "I'll go first." I'll wait for you. She closed her eyes again, and this time, her eyes would never open again. Jiang Feng hissed, "Moon slave!"! You wait, I'll accompany you. He did not know where to come from the strength, suddenly jumped up, to the moon slave past, but his body jumped up, has been knocked down by the general wind. "You'd better lie still," said the Lord of the Moon Palace. Jiang Feng said in a trembling voice, "I never ask for help, but now." Now I beg you.. Please, I don't want anything but to die with her. Inviting the Moon Palace to say, "You can never touch her finger again!" Jiang Feng stared at her, if the eyes can also kill people, she would have died. If anger can also burn, the earth will have already turned into a fire cave. But the Lord of the Moon Palace just stood there quietly. Jiang Feng suddenly laughed crazily, and the laughter lasted for a long time. "Are you still laughing?" Sighed Lord Pian Xing? What are you laughing at? Jiang Feng laughed wildly and said, "You think you are great!"! You think you can control everything, but as long as I die, I can be with the moon slave, can you stop it? In the wild laughter, the body suddenly rolled twice on the ground, lying on the ground, the wild laughter gradually weakened, and finally disappeared. With a light shout, the Lord of Pian Xing Palace rushed over and turned him over, only to see a knife head, which had been completely inserted into his chest. The moon has risen and the moonlight has spread all over the earth. The Lord of the Pity Star Palace knelt there, motionless as a stone statue. Only the cool breeze of the summer night blew her hair. For a long time, she finally said softly, "I'm dead.." He finally got his wish, and what about us? Suddenly he stood up and rushed to the Lord of the Moon Palace. "What about us?" He hissed. What about us? They all got what they wanted. What about us? The Lord of the Moon Palace seemed unmoved. "Shut up!" He said coldly. "I won't shut up,rapid sand filters," said Lord Pian. "I'll say it!"! What do you get by doing this? You You just made them love each other more! Make them hate you more! The words did not finish, suddenly "bang", the face has been slapped a slap. khnwatertreatment.com