No one would have thought that Ni Hua, who was like a fairy at ordinary times, deduced the story of an angel falling to the world and began to act like a spoiled child: "Dear people, my lover, during this period of time, because of pregnancy, I have no appetite, I can't eat well, and my waist is thin. I really want you to cook something delicious for me.". The raw Coelomactra you made last time was very good, and I want to eat it as soon as I think of it. When I go back, you have to treat me well and cook delicious food for me every day, and you have to be different every day. Otherwise, if I am too thin, the baby in my belly will be malnourished. You have to accompany me to see the Slender West Lake in Yangzhou. I heard that the scenery there is very beautiful, but unfortunately I have never been there. You're not taking anyone else. If I go back and find you taking someone else, I won't let you touch me. When I'm not here, you have to think of me seventeen or eighteen times a day, as you say in your ditty, and think about how to be good to me and make me happy. Had it not been for the comrades who received the telegram watching and laughing,whirlpool hot tub spa, it is estimated that no one in the world would have thought that the Oriental Angel in the eyes of Americans and the Red Bodhisattva in the eyes of soldiers would also have a side of coquetry and jealousy, which is no different from the daughter of an ordinary family! Knock here, Ni Hua heart a dark, do not know his husband is now fighting with the Japanese aggressors, where he can think of himself. Even if he went back, I'm afraid he didn't have time to spend more time with himself. Next, Ni Hua began to remind Liu Yimin in detail that he should put a piece of cloth on his stomach at night and not catch cold; that he should have a full meal and have no strength to March and fight without eating; that he should speak kindly to his comrades and not use rude words at every turn; and that he must pay attention to safety and never let the little devils take advantage of the loopholes; Don't try to be brave on the battlefield and pay attention to concealment; wash your dirty clothes frequently,whirlpool hot tub, so as not to make the soldiers feel that the division commander is not doing a good job in internal affairs; clean and mend your torn clothes, so as not to expose the flesh. Wait, wait, wait. It's all a little garrulous. Knocking and weeping, and by the time the telegram was sent, Ni Hua was already in tears again. Hanqing brought a basin of water again, let Ni Hua wash his face, and then they went to bed to rest. Lying in bed, Ni Hua suddenly remembered that there was one thing that had not been explained to Liu Yimin, and he got up to send the telegram again. This time, Ni Hua told Liu Yimin to find time to have a discussion with foreign experts from the field hospital and the logistics headquarters, to care about their lives, to let them work at ease, and not to chill their hearts. After sending the telegram, whirlpool hot tub ,outdoor endless pool, Ni Hua laughed. What was wrong with him? He was not like a soldier of the Eighth Route Army, but like a daughter-in-law of an ordinary family. When he went back to his mother's home for a short stay, he was afraid that the man would be hungry. Think about what kind of man he is, that is the commander of the army, staff, a lot of guards, where can he starve, lose him! Thinking of this, the silly girl finally stopped thinking and went to bed with a smile. Chapter 813 President Roosevelt. After sending a telegram to Liu Yimin, Ni Hua seemed to be comforted, and even his appetite was a little better. After a few days of fund-raising in New York, he began to visit various factories in New York, focusing on Bell Labs. Ni Hua wanted to visit Bell Labs because last year Bell Labs successfully developed the world's first mobile phone for the US military. With this thing, the communication of the army will be more convenient and fast. According to Liu Yimin's instructions before departure, Ni Hua was asked to negotiate with Bell Labs, preferably to order a batch of base station equipment and mobile phones from them. Considering that this product has not yet been equipped with the US military, the US military's understanding of it is limited, and although it is strictly confidential and strictly prohibited for export, there will certainly be opportunities. After all, the United States is a market economy, and orders are the basis for the survival of enterprises. Bell Labs might take orders from the Eighth Route Army. If not, I will try to invite Bell Labs to open a branch in China. Bell Labs was founded in 1925 and is known as Bell Telephone Labs, Inc. It is 50% owned by at & T and 50% owned by Occidental Electronics. By this time Bell Telephone Laboratories had changed its name to Bell Laboratories and was headquartered in New York. Ni Hua's time was limited, and she had to go to Washington to wait for President Roosevelt to receive her. Therefore, Ni Hua took Chen Jie to visit Bell Labs and met with Mr. Walter Kifford, president of American Telephone and Telegraph Company. This Bell Labs was established by his acquisition of the research department of Western Electronics Company and was the actual head of Bell Labs. By this time, Bell Labs had become famous, mainly because Karl Jansky, a scientist at Bell Labs, discovered in 1933 that radio waves were continuously emitted from the center of the Milky Way through the study of static noise in long-distance communications. This wave was called 3K background radiation, which established radio astronomy. In addition to this major achievement, Bell Labs has produced a series of patent achievements, which can be said to be full of talents and remarkable achievements. Mr. Walter Kifford did not show much interest in Ni Hua and his entourage. He told Ni Hua bluntly that China was in a period of war and was not suitable for research or production. Bell Labs had no intention of setting up a branch in China, nor could it sell any equipment or products to China, because the decision on all this was made in Washington. Ni Hua did not expect Mr. Walter Kifford to refuse so firmly, leaving no room, and wanted to fight for it again, so he began to talk about the cruelty of the Japanese and the great sacrifices made by the Chinese army and people in resisting Japan. Speaking of emotion, I couldn't help but burst into tears. As the president of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, Mr. Walter Kifford was very sensitive to the news media. He knew that Ni Hua had held two press conferences in New York, and he had read the newspaper reports carefully. Otherwise, he would not have met with Ni Hua. It's just that what Ni Hua wants is the secret of the US military, and Mr. Walter Kifford can't do anything about it. Mr. Walter Kifford tried several times to ask Ni Hua to leave,endless pool swim spa, but he did not open his mouth. It's not his style. Under normal circumstances, he would have finished the meeting. The main reason is that China's War of Resistance Against Japan was really cruel, and the atrocities of the Japanese made all people with a sense of justice deeply sympathize with the Chinese people.