In order to give his beloved disciples enough ability to compete with the two elders, he had to find talents among the rising stars of Jinghai School so that they could assist Lu Yanping. This interest, as early as before Zhou Yin came in, Zou Jingyuan and Lu Yanping explained a general, Lu Yanping is a little thorough, immediately understand his master's pains. He asked Lu Yanping to step down first, and then said to Zhou Yin, "I've seen your performance all these years, and I'm very satisfied with it. Your brothers and sisters in the Jinghai Sword Sect may have surpassed you, but none of them has your caution and acumen. Would you like to assist Yanping and revitalize the Jinghai Sword Sect?" As early as he let himself in and said those words, Zhou Yin understood his intention, but he did not show his loyalty with great trepidation and gratitude. Hearing this, he said, "I joined the Jinghai Sword Sect, and it was you who gave me Peiyuan Dan and Lingshi to build the foundation. This kindness is naturally to be repaid." Zou Jingyuan sighed and said with a wry smile, "Zhou Yin, it's not that I want to repay my kindness. Now the Jinghai Sect is in a difficult situation. For the sake of the overall situation, I have to make such an arrangement. I know you are devoted to practice and don't like to get involved in these things. But you are also responsible for the rise and fall of the sect.". As long as you do your best for the school, you can have no worries about the Lingshi and Peiyuan Dan you need to practice in the future. When Yanping takes over the important task, according to your aptitude, it is not impossible to become an elder of this school. He looked at Zhou Yin, can not help but feel a little sorry, if you can cultivate since childhood,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, Zhou Yin may be more than today's cultivation, but now time is pressing, has no time to let oneself to do these things. Chapter 11 The other side said so clearly that even if it was used, he could not shirk it. Zhou Yin has no interest in the position of the so-called elder, but he can build the foundation so quickly, which is really related to those Lingshi and Peiyuan Dan. He only wants to do what he wants, but he also disdains to owe a favor. Uh Zou Jingyuan was quite satisfied with his answer. He nodded and said with a smile, "You have just been promoted to build a foundation. The foundation is not yet solid. Don't rush to practice in seclusion. You can walk around. If you need Lingshi, you can also come and talk to me." What Zhou Yin asked was an irrelevant question: "Has Anyang been destroyed?" "I heard that the capital of Songzhou has not yet been breached,Ceramic Bobbin, but it's almost the same." Remembering that his parents were from Anyang, Zou Jingyuan comforted him by saying, "You don't have to worry too much. Although there are wars and wars, I heard that the military discipline of Dongyue is strict, and ordinary people should not be hindered." "I want to go back and have a look," said Zhou Yin. "Well, filial piety is a matter of course." Zou Jingyuan paused and said, "It's just that you are now perfect in refining Qi. In the early days of building the foundation, if there is no accident, you should have more than two hundred years of longevity. Your parents are both human beings. Even if you prolong your life, it will be about a hundred years at most. This is the fate of each person. You must not be too obsessed and miss the practice." In his previous life, Zhou Yin cultivated himself into a deity, and naturally had the magic weapon he was used to, but before he made the elixir, he could not open the cave house that he had banned in his previous life, so what he could rely on now was the Melting Water Sword given by the Jinghai Sect. Now he had succeeded in building the foundation, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,ceramic welding tape, and had been affirmed by the master. His position in the school was different from the past, and he got more Lingshi pills every month than before. Zhou Yin used these Lingshi to buy writing paper cinnabar at the Yunzhou market where practitioners gathered. He wrote dozens of low-level amulets and infused them with spiritual power in case of emergency. He has always been like this. He will not place all his life on someone or a magic weapon. There are people outside the world, and there are days outside the world. Only his own reaction and judgment are the most reliable. When he arrived in Yunzhou, he found that the situation had been earth-shaking. Although Yunzhou was only the original capital of Anyang, it was merged into Dongyue with the collapse of Anyang. The special geographical location of Yunzhou also made the atmosphere of the city very delicate. The streets and alleys, everywhere can see the patrol of Dongyue soldiers, one by one heavily armed with halberds, the complexion is solemn, the gate is heavily guarded, strictly check the entry and exit. Such a scene, ordinary people are afraid, but the practitioners will not put in the eye, the soldiers are also very observant, but see the description of behavior is different from ordinary people, they guess that nine times out of ten is the practitioners, dare not be more difficult. Zhou Yin's face is cold and his temperament is different from ordinary people. Naturally, he will not be mistaken for ordinary people, so all the way is smooth. After making the amulet and leaving Yunzhou, the imperial sword flew to Zhoujiacun. Out of Yunzhou, if you ride a horse, it takes about three days to get to Fulin County, while Zhoujia Village is a small village dozens of miles away from Fulin County. Although the location is remote, the conditions are unique. Not only are the mountains covered with all kinds of plants and medicines all the year round, but also a tree is about a hundred years old. Even the fish in the river seem to be more than in other places. Because of this, after hundreds of years of breeding, although the number of people in the village is not large, most of them can be self-sufficient. In addition, every ten days and a half months, people will go to the county town to go to the market. From time to time, foot merchants pick things from the county town to sell here. So unless in the season of ice and snow, Zhoujia Village is often bustling, showing a simple kindness. However, when he arrived at Zhoujia Village in the evening, he found that the village, from inside to outside, exudes a treacherous atmosphere. At this time the sky has been gradually dark down, usually this time, every household should light the oil lamp, smoke curling, but when Zhou Yin entered the village, there is only one feeling. Dead silence. In addition, there was a thick smell of blood that could not be melted. Entering the village and walking in the direction of his own home, the experience of leaving home for seventeen years did not blur his memory. Everywhere along the way, there are real mountains of corpses and a sea of blood. There were hundreds of people in Zhoujiacun, but now almost all of them are here. Some people's chests were pierced by long guns and nailed to the walls, some people had a deep axe mark on their necks, half of their heads were tilted to one side, only a thin layer of muscles were connected, and even children of four or five years old were fragmented and died violently. He did not stop, his eyes swept over the corpses, and continued to walk until he stopped. Even after seventeen years,ceramic bobbin element, Zhou Chai and Ji Shi were obviously much older, but Zhou Yin still recognized them at a glance. The two men snuggled and fell under the wall. Zhou Chai had a dagger in his back, while Ji Shi had a knife in his chest.