The last few words of Zhao Xing drew the unanimous approval of everyone. When the agreement was reached, Zhao Xing talked about the business: "The imperial court has issued an edict that I, the regiment of Mizhou, will send out three soldiers to command. All three of them will command five ships. Let's choose from the people present. We will allow those who choose to keep their shares for two years, and then redeem them one year after they take over as new officials.". I know no one wants to go, but someone has to go.. Why don't we just vote and elect from among the people here, and we'll give him a thousand yuan in compensation. All right, it's urgent. It is freezing in Jinzhou. They are waiting for us to go over and transport the grain. Hurry up and select them. The people behind them are still waiting to go to sea. When Zhao Xing finished, Zhang Yong still said, "Lord Guan Jun and I need to rush back to Mizhou to deal with some things. This cabin is left for you today.". You have fun, but in the end, you need to finish all the tasks assigned. I have something to do, so I'll go first. Leaving the noisy officers to elect three unlucky people, Zhao Xing took Zhang Yong all the way back. Zhang Yong was demoted out of Beijing. He stayed on the regiment in Mizhou for a period of time and did nothing, but waited for Zhao Xing to come. He made the Mizhou regiment training in full swing. As a warrior, Zhang used to see the civil officials have a kind of inferiority complex, plus before in front of Zhao Xing also serve small do low, so he in front of Zhao Xing no five grade chief officer consciousness, let Zhao Xing lead the nose. Anyway, he knew that Zhao Xing would not harm him, and he would make a lot of money if he followed Zhao Xing. Speaking of it, it was not a loss for him to do so. In just a few months,cordierite c520, he put more than ten thousand yuan into his pocket. In addition, the new atmosphere of Mizhou Tuan Lian also won him a lot of respect, so this fellow just stuffy head to collect money, the whole Tuan Lian thing a push 625, like a rubber stamp. Zhao Xing hurried home. Zhang Yong walked all the way and touched his chin on the horse. Ponder over the thing just now: "Leave a person, it seems that sea trade is very profitable.". Do you think I also go to buy a boat, fill the utility, five fleets ah,steatite c221, now the boat is not enough, far from enough, as a Mizhou regiment, I can not but share the worries of Mizhou. Ah, if you have a ship, even if you don't load any goods, you can earn a lot of money just by renting cabins. Too bad there are no sailors. Shaking his head on his horse, Zhao Xing replied, "I can help you: Mizhou is going to send five ships into the imperial army. I'm also worried about this. I'm going to buy five hard sailing ships from Quanzhou to make up the number. As for the sailors, they are also hired temporarily from Quanzhou dock. Yes, wet lease.". This is called a wet lease, which is rented with people and boats, and we provide management. Zhang Yong shook his head and said, "Rent a boat, preferably the kind of soft sailing boat that sails to you. I see that kind of boat is very fast when the wind is favorable.." It's still that kind of boat that looks good. "That's no good. The operation of a soft sailing boat requires a lot of skills. A hard sailing boat does not need a sailor, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, and the captain can do it. The sailor of a soft sailing boat needs to be trained for at least five or even fifteen years, and a boat needs more than one sailor.". The boatmen on my boat are all trained with great efforts, and this kind of person is not easy to find. However, there are also in Quanzhou, where there are many idle sailors on the ship. Well, hiring them as day laborers is also a way. After the foreign ships entered the Song Dynasty, they had to wait for the monsoon to return. During the waiting time, the foreign sailors had nothing to do and could be hired as day laborers. When these barbarians enter Mizhou, as long as the sea trade profits are large and Zhao Xing does not prohibit them from going into the sea, there will be many idle people in Mizhou learning sailing skills from the barbarians. What's the saying? Demand drives productivity more than ten universities. Since then, as long as Zhao Xing has maintained the profits of maritime trade, Mizhou, a populous province, will spontaneously become his base for training sailors. When he entered the city of Mizhou, Zhao Xing had calculated it properly, and he walked confidently to his home. The wives and concubines in the mansion had already got the news and greeted them at the door. After Zhao Xing entered the mansion, Cheng Azhu took Zhao Xing's cloak demurely, while Chen Yiyi threw herself into Zhao Xing's arms without hesitation and kept acting like a spoiled child. Liao Xiaoxiao was not qualified to gather in front of her, so she had to stand beside Cheng Azhu and flicker her big eyes to Zhao Xing frequently. "All come, all come, accompany me to take a bath together," Zhao Xing greeted affectionately. Pout! Cheng Ah-chu lightly scolded, "It's not serious.". ” Yiyi Xinran: "Really!" Sure enough, Cheng Azhu took Chen Yiyi by the hand and solemnly saluted, saying, "When the officer comes home from the war, I won't disturb him. I'll just wait in the cabinet." Liao Xiaoxiao hurriedly came up to meet him as he wished: "The slave serves my husband." "Good, good," Zhao Xing snickered, hugged Xiao Xiao, and walked quickly to the bathroom. Lying in the Bixia Pavilion, the lazy floor made people want to sleep. Cheng Azhu knelt beside Zhao Xing and happily poured tea and wine. Chen Yiyi held the account book and reported to Zhao Xing: "After Da Lang left, the small things have been disposed of. Now there are people burning glass in Mizhou.". According to Da Lang's plan, those women married, and a few of them had their own lovers and were ready to go home sooner or later. The textile machines shipped from Hangzhou have been stored in the warehouse, and 300 looms have been assembled in the past few days. I'm going to divide the hired weavers into three groups. A group of three hundred weavers were engaged in weaving. Of these three hundred weavers, one weaved silkworms, one weaved cotton, and another tried to spin wool. The other two hundred, I'm going to let them process animal skins. We will get a steady stream of animal skins from Liao, which is a big job, so let them process animal skins into clothes, which is also an income. I haven't figured out the use of the other five hundred people yet. Does Lang Jun want them to make glass or have other plans? Making glass is a man's business, not a woman's. The five hundred men still let them spin the sail cloth. Let's make ready-made clothes. Canvas is bound to sell well in the future. There are too many places to use it in the future. If the ready-made clothes are well made, the workshop can accommodate 500 people. Liao Xiaoxiao in the side of the mouth, has been unable to get a word in, she has the intention to tinker with some of their own industry, but she is best at singing and dancing, but can not think of what to do. After Zhao Xing came back this time. Mizhou Tuan Lian is rich,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, and it operates like a fully wound machine. Duzuoyuan was busy processing Mizhou stone, while the abducted Yingzhou Qingzhuang occupied the barren mountain producing Hanshui stone, built a large kiln and began to calcine lime.