Dong Qingqiu breathed a sigh of relief, but turned his head just in time to face the four eyes of Mingyue Song lying on his body. Such a scene was repeated again in a few days. Mingyue Song still fixed himself firmly under his body in that posture, but without the effect of aphrodisiac, Mingyue Song was not as unscrupulous as that night, and his eyes were not the impulse of desire, and became soft. However, in broad daylight was pressed by this man, although this man is his life-saving benefactor, but Dong Qingqiu is still embarrassed, "Hey, it seems to be all right?" "Well." Mingyuesong snorted, raised his eyes and looked at Dong Qingqiu, with a wry smile at the corners of his mouth. Dong Qingqiu thought that this man just liked to be so careless, and what was he doing on himself when he was all right? She rolled her eyelids. "I can't breathe under your weight.". Can you get up? As if he had not heard Dong Qingqiu's words, Mingyuesong still lay motionless on Dong Qingqiu's body, but murmured in his mouth, "This time, you should believe me." "What?" Dong Qingqiu is in the clouds and fog. I didn't find these golden knives to play a bitter trick. Bright moon pine eyelid some heavy, to Dong Qingqiu's eyes, the eyes began to scatter up, Dong Qingqiu saw bright moon pine face more and more pale, a long time to react, "you will not be hurt?" As soon as he said this, he felt more and more like Dong Qingqiu,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, who dared not delay any more, stretched out his hand to lift Mingyue Song, and he came out from under Mingyue Song's body, got up and looked at it, and could not help crying out, only to see that Mingyue Song's shoulder and waist each had a throwing knife hit the target, but the throwing knife was only the size of his thumb. About half of the blade was submerged in the body of Mingyuesong. Compared to the next to the dense into a Stuffed Bread with Roast Pork of the golden knife, Mingyuesong behind only sporadic two is good, speaking of, two small flying knife will not let Mingyuesong to now still lying on the ground can not move, "hey, are you all right?" Dong Qingqiu had to suspect that Ming Yuesong had exaggerated performances. But Mingyuesong answered feebly, alumina c799 ,Ceramic Band Heater, "Of course I have something to do, the throwing knife is poisonous, stupid woman!" Dong Qingqiu suddenly realized that even if these small throwing knives were poked at himself, they would not kill him. Naturally, they were poisonous. That So what to do? Dong Qingqiu forgot what to do for a moment. She crouched down and looked at the wound where Mingyuesong was stabbed by a flying knife. The blood oozing out there was red. If it was poisonous, should the blood be black? Dong Qingqiu is not sure, after all, not all poisons can make the blood turn black, but how she looks at all this is a good play arranged by Mingyuesong. If I die, you must be very happy in your heart? Ming Yuesong suddenly jumped out of such a sentence, immediately let Dong Qingqiu a stupefied, subconsciously answered, "What nonsense you say, how can." Will die. I said if. Will Xiao Qingqiu feel sorry for me? The soft words of the bright moon seemed to be sent into Dong Qingqiu's ears from a distance, and Dong Qingqiu could not help feeling sour in his heart, "Don't say that.." As soon as he made a sound, he immediately realized three words in his head: a bitter plan! Dong Qingqiu actually suspected at the very beginning whether this group of so-called Cold Fire Golden Knife was the person Mingyuesong had found, and the Qiyunshan people in Houhu a few days ago were not his masterpieces? Just did not expect Ming Yuesong will hurt himself, in front of Dong Qingqiu, in order to save her life, she did not think Ming Yuesong is suddenly found his conscience or love at first sight! She didn't believe that the scheming Mingyuesong would really give up her life for herself. Everyone has a reason to be good to others. Suo Yu is good to himself because the King of Yongnan is kind to him. How can a conspirator like Ming Yuesong release his seeds of love for no reason? This time, it is clear that it is a bitter plan! Just Ming Yuesong to oneself display this plan, is for what? To trade his pain for his own sympathy? With his "unreserved" protection for himself in exchange for his guilt and sincerity? Zhou Yu Huang gai, the purpose is to Cao Cao to believe that Huang gai is really take refuge? Mingyuesong's bitter plan is to believe in his sincerity to himself? Do you want to fall in love with him? If it's to make yourself fall in love with him, then it's to control yourself better? If you want to control yourself, you must use more benefits to move yourself, right? Dong Qingqiu suddenly felt a fiery thought in his heart going straight out, and this game was a little bit interesting! She only felt that she had found a breakthrough, a breakthrough that was blooming with dawn. That's great! So Mingyuesong still wants to control himself in this way? Dong Qingqiu is exactly what he wants! Whether on the surface or in the dark, Mingyuesong has great power, his ability makes Dong Qingqiu covet, since you want me to fall in love with you, then let you "succeed"! —————————————— Send another free chapter this morning. This should be on the shelf today. Send more public chapters while they are not on the shelves. So, who wants to see two people flirting? So, look forward to the monthly chapter sent tonight ~ and watch Mingyuesong and Xiaoqingqiu meet ~ Chapter 6 of Volume 4 of Man Chao Feng Hua is not a kiss. There is a little man clapping his hands in Qingqiu's heart. It's better to see who can make the most use of it! At the thought of this, Dong Qingqiu pinched the corner of his clothes, but never thought about whether he was "playing with fire and burning himself.". Fumigation Qingqiu clenched the corners of her mouth, in Mingyuesong's view, only when she heard that the throwing knife was poisonous and did not know what to do, where to know that Dong Qingqiu's small intestines had been turned several times. Fumigation Qingqiu stood up and squatted down,10g Ozone Generator, suddenly quickly lifted a corner of Mingyuesong's robe, revealing the white underwear inside. Fumigation Qingqiu did not hesitate to bite one end with his teeth and tear it hard. A piece of silk cloth was torn off by Dong Qingqiu. Mingyuesong tilted his head aside to see what Dong Qingqiu was going to do, but he could not see anything.