But then some scum thought: ***. If I teach an idiot to write, won't I be an even bigger idiot?! At night, the starry sky, the cold sand, and the crackling of the wood in the bonfire made Dodoro feel that he had not suffered so much for some years. Although there are often days of wind and fire. But this kind of life is more uncomfortable than fleeing. Dodoro felt that he was really going to collapse. Amabel was already asleep, curled up on the huge battle axe, and the campfire was lit nearby. Even the fire that the mermaids hate the most. In the sand. You have to get used to it. At night, it was too cold. Although Amabel was a cold-blooded creature, she could not stand the uncontrollable temperature difference between day and night. Although the girl's strange strength is amazing, she is still just a girl. He spread out the map and looked at it carefully. "Forty more kilometers," Dodoro thought. Should reach the edge of the Grand Canyon. When the time comes to go around, we have to walk hundreds of kilometers. Damn, it's really tiring, but when we get to the densely populated area of Hanover. You should be able to inform your family. Alas, "as expected, you can't move an inch alone.". Just as he was about to squint for a moment,stainless steel edging strip, he heard the sound of Zhanrou falling down. Dodoro, who had excellent hearing, grabbed the sand and covered the bonfire. Amabel woke up and grabbed the huge tomahawk. While the police were there, Dodoro made a silent gesture and whispered, "a large group of people.". It should be cavalry. It was not easy for Amabel to understand what cavalry was. But after Dodoro explained that it was the rider from the water source, Amabel understood,china tile trim, and his eyes were full of solemnity. According to the fighting capacity of two people now. It is estimated that the death of two bronze warriors, perhaps even worse. If Dodoro wants to escape, that's no problem, whether it's the assassin's latent image to leave. It is still said that it is no problem to run hundreds of meters away from the thousand-mile kite of the thief leader. Just with Amabel. This is a drag. It's not that simple. Shall I leave you here and walk alone? Dodoro suddenly asked Amabel. The brute force of the beautiful girl suddenly appeared in the eyes of tears, the kind of feeling like a dog begging its master. The corners of Dodoro's mouth twitched. Then whispered, "Well, forget it." Amabel was afraid and held Dodoro's skirt tightly. Some scum continued to judge how many people there were from the sound of hooves. At a certain distance, Dodoro suddenly opened his eyes: "***!"! More than 700 people! Could it be the cavalry border guards of Hanover? But some slag heard this hoofbeat is too undisciplined, there is no regular army that kind of chill, in the heart and said: "not like the border guards, should be a horse thief.". Ghost animal man's hearing is good, this group of people, stainless steel tile edging ,aluminum tile edge trim, is the horse thief. They are the Colorado bandits. A loose alliance of bandits that runs through the Grand Canyon. Nearly 80 bandits choose a suitable group of bandits to lead the alliance every two years. Unify activities. In the border area between the Kingdom of Bosnia and the Duchy of Hanover, looting was rampant. Even sometimes. He was also able to fight an encounter with the border guards of the two countries, which was extremely fierce. What on earth are these people going to rob? Dodoro could hear that the group of sand thieves were so fast that they seemed to be chasing something. Some slag thought for a moment and whispered, "Let's climb to the sand dunes over there and then go south!" According to the map, it was safer for them to go south, and there were several towns along the way. The town is still under the control of the Duchy of Hanover, and to the north, it is the territory of the Bosnians, and the Grand Canyon here is where the sand thieves hide. Maybe ten or twenty thousand people. The two men stepped on the wooden donkey and headed south at a high speed of ten miles. The horses on which the bandits rode were extremely strong and crouched to the south, but for a moment they disappeared from Dodoro's sight. There is no moon in the sky, the stars are dotted, with the stars, Dodoro's eyesight can see a thousand meters away, and maintain enough resolution. Some slag sometimes feel that this pair of eyes is not a laser-treated dog eye, otherwise how can we see the most likely, perhaps it is the previous peep at the little widow's bath to practice the art mouth tripod. Alas, the little widow of Colman City must have missed Ai's cannon very much. Tut-tut. The big cock really has a future. Some scum vomits his mouth. Then he glanced at Amabel beside him and said to himself, "Why don't you rape her now? You can't resist anyway.". Want to think, some slag gives oneself a slap in the face: "Day, how can Lao Tzu do this kind of thing?"? You love me, is the king! Then he slapped himself in the face: Mahler Gobi. When did I have the same virtue as a gentleman? But then again. I'm really not the person to do this kind of thing. In front of him, Amar Belton looked depressed and confused. She didn't understand the situation at all. Why did he slap himself twice? And it's like this for no reason? Duoduoluo murmured, "I've been in Jianghu for so many years. I'm not as good as a beast. I didn't expect to be killed today." Suddenly, he beat his chest and stamped his feet. The secret passage disobeys the teachings of Aoi teacher, fails to live up to the expectations of the majority of Lanlan believers, and becomes an epic sinner. But then again, a certain slag has always been a staunch supporter of the Flying Royal Sister, a beautiful young girl or something. I hate it! But no matter how annoying, how to solve this physiological need? ! Where there are people, find an enemy woman to purge the fire! Dodoro scolded secretly in his heart: "I brought a drag oil bottle.". Sure enough, I have a headache. The wooden donkey creaked forward, and both of them fell asleep on the wooden donkey. After a few hours, the day dawned, the eastern sky turned white, and the star was even brighter. About an hour later. The sun showed half of his face, some slag yawned, got some water to wipe his face,aluminum tile trim, then got two lizards for breakfast, looked at the situation in the distance, and whispered: "Alas.". It seems that we have to endure it. Just in time. jecatrims.com