Kong Xuan was Da Luo Jinxian. In front of him, there was no possibility that Qi would be spared. Now it was Kong Xuan and the golden-winged ROC eagle who flew over. Qi immediately shouted over the Biyou Palace, "Master, the mad dog has returned to the Biyou Palace. Master, are you there?" Duobao was busy refining utensils. When he heard 67 shouting, Duobao couldn't help wondering why the disciple came back when he came back. Why did he shout outside? Do you want me, the master, to go out to meet him? Duobao did not immediately get up, he refining at this time also reached a critical moment, do not want to delay time and fall short of success. Qi shouted for quite a while, but Duobao still didn't appear. Qi couldn't help but secretly complain. He looked at Kong Xuan and the ROC Golden Wing Eagle, who were suspended not far in front of him. Qi bowed respectfully and said, "Three generations of disciples, Mad Dog, see the two Martial Uncles. I don't know why the two Martial Uncles stopped me." The Fairy with Feather Wings, who later became the Golden-winged Roc Eagle, showed a ferocious look in his eyes when he saw the wings on the back of Six Seven. He said coldly, "Damn dog demon, I was still in the egg before I was born. You dog demon devoured my vitality, so that I was almost put into six reincarnations, and completely took away my Yin and Yang. If I don't break your bones and raise ashes today, it will be difficult to eliminate my hatred." "This is the first time I've met you, Martial Uncle," he said,mobile racking systems, pretending to be crazy? Have I ever had that kind of hatred with you? Martial Uncle, don't misunderstand me and hurt the harmony between you and my master. The golden-winged ROC chattered, "Let your tongue bloom with lotus flowers. I must kill you today. There must be an end to the enmity between you and me." The golden-winged ROC then clenched the Fang Tianhua halberd in his hand and flapped his wings to fly to 67. The golden-winged ROC's strength did not decrease but increased after its rebirth. Apart from the loss of Yin and Yang, it hardly suffered any loss. At this time, he was already the cultivation of Taiyi Sanxian. As long as he was attacked by his Fang Tianhua halberd, 67 was absolutely impossible to hang any more. Kong Xuan, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said, "Take your time. It's not too late for you to kill this strange mad dog after I ask him a few words." Feather wing fairy eyes showed a look of dissatisfaction,cantilever racking system, his status is noble, but Kong Xuan is his brother, identity is also very noble, plus Kong Xuan strength is stronger than him, feather wing fairy has been very depressed. Moreover, he thought that Kong Xuan was a typical hypocrite, and Dapeng did not like his eldest brother very much. Keren had to bow his head under the eaves. Although Kong Xuan was not a close disciple, his powerful cultivation made Sanxiao or Duobao Taoist and other senior officials sell him some face. When the golden-winged ROC, who likes to get into trouble, offends an untouchable person in Jiejiao, Kong Xuan settles it for him every time. At this time, the ROC, who is not strong enough, can only be subordinated to the peacock. Kong Xuan glanced coldly at 671 and said, "Mad Dog, I sent you a mission to find the golden-winged ROC eggs and asked you to save my brother, but you took the golden-winged ROC eggs as your own and brutally devoured my brother. Should we settle our accounts?" Comments on the first volume of the Lich War Big seal push, drive in racking system ,heavy duty metal racks, as a new author, can get the opportunity of big seal push on the home page, I am very impulsive. It should be very excited. Too excited to use the wrong word. This big push is unexpected to me. 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