The spirit of bourbon is alive across the globe, with many distilleries producing some of the best whiskeys that you can buy. If you're looking for a new bottle from Liquor Store St Kilda East to add to your collection, look no further than this list. Here are top picks:

Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon is a great whiskey to buy at any Liquor Store at St Kilda East. It is reasonably priced, and it's a popular brand that has been around for years.

Bulleit Bourbon is also one of the most versatile whiskeys you can find; it's great for drinking neat, on the rocks or in cocktails. It's decent sipping whiskey and makes a delicious Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

Bulleit Bourbon

High West Campfire Whiskey

High West Campfire Whiskey is a blend of bourbon and rye, which are aged in new oak barrels. The whiskey has a sweet, smoky flavor that’s described as “smokey, sweet, spicy” by the distillery. High West Campfire Whiskey has bottled at 46% ABV and is available in 750ml bottles.

This whiskey would be a great choice for anyone who enjoys more complex blends with fruity notes on top of their strong spices. It could also replace your favorite scotch if you're looking for an alternative that's easier to find just about anywhere.

Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky

You’ve probably heard of Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky, and if you haven’t, it’s time to start paying attention. This sweet, vanilla-flavored whiskey is made from corn that’s grown in Texas—the only state where this grain can legally be cultivated. 

Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky is one of the best buys at any liquor store because it has an excellent price point: The average 750 ml bottle sells anywhere from $30-$50 depending on your location and retailer; however, some retailers offer discounts on special bottles or buy one get one deal so make sure to do some research before purchasing online or at a store near you.

These are the best whiskeys to buy at any liquor store, no matter what your budget is

  • For the man who wants to splurge: Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit is a rye-based bourbon that's as smooth as it is affordable. It's sold at every liquor store in America, so you're sure to find it somewhere near you, but if not, there are plenty of online Liquor Store St Kilda East that sell it for cheap. If your friend has always wanted to try something new but doesn't want to spend much money on booze right now, this is a great option because it comes in at just under $40 per bottle (depending on where you get it).

  • For the woman who likes her whiskey like she likes her men: High West Campfire Whiskey

This whisky gets its unique flavor from being aged in new charred white oak barrels that were previously used for bourbon. It also includes other spices such as orange peel and cinnamon bark—but don't worry! 


So, what do you think? Are there any other good whiskeys I forgot to mention? Let me know in the comments.