With the advent of hundreds and thousands of social media engagement platforms have come a burning question: what even is the point? These engagement platforms outnumber social platforms a hundred to one or maybe even more. However, people often say, "why would I want to buy engagement?

Quick Popularity

More often than not, the end result boils down to popularity. With growing popularity on Instagram comes a larger number of opportunities at landing clients, sponsored posts, brand collaborations, etc. Even if you are not looking for opportunities like that, your own business will gain significantly from a larger followers-base, and buying Instagram likes gets you exactly that. Besides, likes are counted as engagement on Instagram, so its algorithm will automatically boost posts that receive more likes.

Save Time and Money

This one sounds wrong! Naturally, how would spending money save money? Let us break it down for you. This point is only valid when you spend only a certain necessary amount of money on paid promotion. If you balance your expenditure well, then a higher number of Instagram likes on your posts will automatically increase your reach and visibility.

Increase Brand Image

Since you are getting a larger number of Instagram likes on your profile, it will send the message that your brand is popular and improve your image. People visiting your profile will feel a sense of trust and security. Brand image is important, and it is also connected directly to the first point, i.e., popularity. Popularity will improve your brand image and improve your ranking.

Increase Credibility

Your word carries weight if you put some weight behind it. In other words, who are you more likely to trust? An account with a few dozen likes, or one with several hundred likes on their posts about some comparison they have both conducted. With the increased popularity and a large number of likes also comes credibility to your word. Thus, you can rapidly advance your career as an influencer by purchasing Instagram likes.

Followers of followers

Another important benefit that connects to point number one once more is that the Instagram algorithm displays relevant posts in users' feeds. People who follow those who have liked your post will notice the latter's likes. They will see that message @username and XYZ others like this when the post appears in their feed. Thus, you get free extra reach and traction when you buy Instagram likes and followers from Goread.


Most benefits of buying likes, followers, or comments on Instagram relate directly to popularity and traction. After all, that is what you are buying: engagement. However, it all adds up to several points, seven of which we have mentioned above. If you can think of more, drop them in the comments box below.