A product's packaging plays a significant part in creating and breaking a product's worth. It depends on you what you choose. Our pre-roll cigarette boxes customized with brand logo and quality printing material market your brand effectively and give a secure haven to your sensitive roll buds. We offer you free-of-cost design consultation so you can choose the best custom solutions.

What Are the Advantages of Using Custom Pre-Roll Packaging Boxes?

When the word customization comes into mind, the question arises, why do you need it, and how will it benefit your business? So, we will address these questions here. 

Custom pre-roll packaging boxes can be helpful for your business in numerous ways:


  • Firstly, customized packages manufactured with quality material secure your roll buds from contamination, germs, etc. 
  • secondly, cardboard pre-roll boxes retain the natural form of items and keep them fresh for a longer time
  • thirdly, you can design a bespoke package with exclusive custom sizes and shapes at cost-effective prices. 


Obtain Your Blank Pre-Roll Boxes in Diverse Styles and Sizes:

Our packaging manufacturers are experts in moulding your CBD pre-roll packaging in any unique style to attract the audience. We use advanced tools and techniques to create innovative packaging styles. Your brand can get recognition due to the exclusive box's style packaging.

Distinctive styles of boxes:



we are not just limited to these styles of boxes. Share with us if you have design ideas regarding the box's style. Our experts will work hard to design your desired package.

Which Material is More Suitable for Custom Pre-Roll Cigarette Box Packaging?




When it comes to material selection, people get confused. Our company aims at providing the best possible easiness and comfort to clients. We offer free-of-cost assistance from our experts who help you choose perfect packaging solutions. In material, we utilize:



  • kraft
  • cardboard
  • corrugated cardboard


Three of
these material choices are applicable and cost-effective for blank pre-roll boxes. Cardboard is one of the aptest options. On the one hand, you can transform it to create any shape and style of the box. Moreover, it is also feasible to apply different colour prints. On the other hand, cardboard is also safe for the environment and makes your packaging durable. Consequently, your fragile pre-rolls stay fresh and secure for an extended period. 

How to Make Your Cannabis Brand Successful within a Short Duration?

To become successful and achieve distinctive fame for their products is the dream of each cannabis brand. We are here at your service to transform your dreams into reality. Our company equips a skilled designers' team and contains innovative printing machines. We create a personalized box by applying unique and tempting artwork. 

 We print boxes with stunning images, catchy product descriptions and intriguing illustrations. These printed artworks provide an appealing packaging appearance and a great marketing tool.

Running Short of Your Budget? Avail of Discounts on Wholesale Orders:

 Are you a newcomer or running your tobacco brand for an extended period but do not have enough budget? Don't worry. You can save a handsome amount by buying our services wholesale. Besides this, you can avail of discounts on bulk orders. Do not wait and experience our outstanding services.

ICustomBoxes: A One Stop Solution for Your Joint Pre-Roll Packaging:


  • high-end services at reasonable prices
  • delivery of order accessible at your doorsteps
  • no charges for a design consultation
  • bespoke boxes in all custom sizes and styles
  • free of cost physical design samples
  • availability of friendly customer representative team 24 hours
  • no plates and die-cut charges



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