Christmas Tree Clips are push-in fasteners that hold two panels together without the need for any secondary fastening devices. They have barbed teeth or fins that lock into the edges of the hole when pushed into the application. They provide a lightweight fastening solution thatreduces vibration. They are ideal for applications on softer materials because the plastic won’t mar or scratch the surface.

Christmas Tree Clips help secure and fasten components and/or panels to a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal, particle board, plastic and rubber surfaces. The barbed teeth or ribs deflect when pushed into the hole, then spring back for a secure, non-removable lock. They are corrosion, abrasion and vibration resistant. They fit in a variety of hole sizes and panel thicknesses and can be used in blind hole applications. They are used in barbed teeth dig into the panel, permanent lock. Corrosion resistance, vibration resistance, and lightweight are the characteristics of these clips.

Applications of Clips

These clips find wide applications in automotive, appliances, furniture, medical, military, audio and video equipment, telecom and datacom, patch panels and distribution racks and display racks. They are often used to secure trim and other softer materials to a surface. The fin design accommodates a wide range of material densities. Depending on the Christmas Tree Fastener used, the clip may either be removable or non-removable. Typically,these clips are in natural or black nylon, though some clips are available in white.This 100% nylon Xmas tree clip has many uses and is ideal for adding signs or building displays at retail. The push pin is great for clipping on plastic shelf strips to gondola shelving, corrugated display construction, or simply connecting two panels without having to use a nut and bolt. Simply push the natural white clip into 1/4-inch holes and the plastic fins will prevent the clip from pulling out for a strong attachment.