Due to its ease-of-use and readability, Arduino usage has increased exponentially in the last few years. The question is not whether Arduino is a good tool for engineers. There are many advantages and disadvantages to using Arduino.


We will first look at the benefits of Arduino. Later, we'll discuss the drawbacks.


Let's start with the advantages.


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1- Ready for Use:


Arduino's greatest advantage is its easy-to-use structure. The Arduino package includes the 5V regulator and a burner as well as an oscillator, micro-controller, serial interface, LED, and headers for connections. Programmer connections are not necessary for programming, or any other interface. It's as simple as plugging it into the USB port on your computer. After a few lines of code, your revolutionary idea will change the world.


2- Exemples of codes:


Arduino's library of examples is another advantage. This advantage will be explained using an example for voltage measurement. If you are looking to measure voltage with an ATmega8 microcontroller and display it on a computer screen, then you will need to go through this entire process.


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 This process begins with learning about the ADC's for micro-controllers for measuring, then moves on to learning serial communication for display, and finally ends at USB – Serial converters. Click the link to see the entire process.


3- Three Effortless functions


You will find some functions that make life easier when you code Arduino. The automatic unit conversion capabilities of Arduino are another advantage. It can be said that debugging is free from the need to think about unit conversions. You can focus your efforts on the most important parts of your projects. Side problems are not something you need to worry about.


4- Large community


There are many forums on the internet where people talk about Arduino. Arduino is used by professionals, engineers, and hobbyists to build their projects. Everything is easily accessible. The Arduino website explains every function of Arduino.


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1- Structure:


Yes, Arduino's structure is also a disadvantage. You must make your project as small as possible when building it. With the large structures of Arduino, we must stick with large-sized PCB's. You can make your PCB small if you're working with a micro-controller such as ATmega8.


2- Cost:


Cost is the most important thing you can't ignore. This is the issue that every professional, engineer or hobbyist must face. We must now consider whether the Arduino is economically viable.


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3- Simple to use


I believe that if you start your journey with micro-controllers using Arduino, it won't be difficult to create complex intelligent circuitries later on. It is easy to use the hardware and software of Arduino, which makes it very simple to learn many basics, such as serial communication, ADC, I2C, etc.