It’s summertime– and that means playtime for your little ones! While you may want to play 24/7 with them and simply enjoy the beautiful weather, you likely have to work during the week. That’s where daycare comes in: a place for your children to learn and grow with fellow children while you work or engage in other important activities.

However, when you saend your kids to daycare during the summer especially, you need to be certain that all their belongings come back home with them. And, as a parent or guardian of a little one, you know that that is no small feat.

Cue Daycare Labels from Sticky Monkey Labels. These labels can be placed on a wide range of items necessary for your child to enjoy daycare seamlessly all while keeping their things organized and in their possession. 

But which daycare items should you be labeling for them? Here are six items that require daycare labels, especially in the summer!  

1. Water Bottles and Sippy Cups
Because of the hot and likely humid weather, you need to ensure that your child is drinking as much water as possible to stay hydrated. That’s why water bottles are at the top of our list to keep labeled when they head to daycare in the summertime. That way, your child’s water bottle will likely not get mixed up with another child’s or get lost! 

2. Milk Bottles
If your baby or young child is headed to daycare, you need to of course make sure they get proper nutrition from their milk– and not some other child’s! By properly labeling their milk bottles, you can let staff know what is inside the bottles, that it is specifically for your child and even the day/time to give it to them.

3. Meal and Snack Containers
Speaking of proper nutrition in the summer, other key items to pack for your child to ensure they get it while you’re away is their meal and snacks. However, the last thing you want is for your child’s food to go “missing” or be mistaken for another child’s and then promptly devoured by them!

That’s precisely why you should label your child’s meal and snack containers. When you opt for playful labels that also boast their favorite characters or animals, they’ll be excited to see them and will think fondly of you! Plus, they’ll be more likely to eat (and we all know how good hot weather is at masking our hunger!). 

4. Pacifiers
If you have a little one who is reliant on his or her pacifier (yours truly was a pacifier-dependent child!), don’t leave their pacifier behind. And, because so many pacifiers look similarly nowadays and can easily be mixed up, your child’s pacifier should be properly labeled. That way, when they feel uncomfortable from the hot weather, they’ll have their trusty pacifier to help soothe them.

5. Diaper Bag and Contents
During those hot days, you want your child to be as comfortable as possible and that certainly includes their pelvic area! Diapers can easily lead to increased sweating, discomfort, rashes, and even chafing.  

Be sure that it is well known which diaper bag belongs to your child along with all the contents, such as diaper creams, baby powders, and beyond. 

6. Clothes
It is likely that your child will be at daycare with various clothing items available: shirts, pants, shorts, bathing suits, sandals, and so on. Properly label them with the right Clothing Labels, as these are exceptionally durable, laundry-safe, and even have quaint designs on them! 

Head on over to Sticky Monkey Labels today and discover all of their high-quality yet affordable Daycare Labels and other labels that your family will love! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sticky Monkey Labels today and equip your family with premium organizational tools today! 

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