How frequently have you been misled by unexpected emails or pop-ups that caught your interest and caused you to disregard cyber threats? Most of us, I would venture, experience it. Did you realise that, only in 2019, 1.76 billion company documents were exposed? The majority of the time, the mistakes was made by the employees themselves rather than by someone else.

Employees must comprehend the significance of cyber security since cyber dangers have persisted in evolution since the advent of the internet.

Since everything moved online and made infringement even simpler with the implementation of COVID, many businesses have found it extremely difficult to protect their data and avoid breaches.

Most of the time, we don't think about the ramifications of our online behaviour and end up violating our privacy by mistake. Employees frequently forget the habits that may serve as a security asset for them, despite the fact that corporations perform several training programmes for them. Let's address the problems at hand and find solutions using these best practises. 

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Learn to identify crooked emails and pop-ups 


At the moment, 91 percent of cyberattacks against major organisations are caused via phishing emails. Employees should refrain from clicking on any unauthorised links, emails, or pop-up windows as the best practise.

The following are a few pointers to remember in order to spot fraudulent emails:

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Instead of clicking the link, linger over it to get more information about it and decide to visit it only if it is pertinent.

Additionally, be sure you understand the message's source code so you can identify the sender's email address.

Any email you believe to be suspicious should be subject to a second opinion. 

Practice Good Password Management


To preserve your privacy and the privacy of your firm, it is absolutely essential to enter into the computer systems using smart and unique passwords. Additionally, you need to be dynamic with passwords and consistently change them; for this, a password management tool might be helpful.

More than 500 employees at major firms, or 65% of them, have never changed their passwords. Make sure your passwords contain both capital and lowercase letters, as well as at least 8–10 characters, and use different passwords for every login.

Avoid being duped by phoney business emails.

Phishing may take many different forms as well. That includes even corporate emails that appear to come from high executives but may really offer questionable or unauthorised information and con workers. The cunning cybercriminals play extremely cunningly by looking for official's work emails and then asking transactions and sensitive data.

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Create Data Backups

Data backups are a common and crucial habit for everyone to prevent privacy violations, and this also holds true for employees that manage a lot of data. To prepare for potential intrusions, employees must regularly make backups.

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Use Malware and Virus Protection Software

Protection is essential for both COVID and data. Before beginning work, a variety of software technologies that assist prevent data or privacy breaches must be deployed. Such software ought to be preloaded and kept up to date by the company's IT division.

Embracing Training Programs and Always Being in Contact with the IT Department

The company’s IT department must ensure a safe workplace for the employees, and hence, when they conduct such programs or workshops, they must be scrutinized. The employees should communicate and collect advice from the IT Department and report any malfunctions or suspiciousness from their side immediately.

The IT department of the organisation is responsible for ensuring a secure working environment for the staff, thus any seminars or programmes they run need to be closely examined. The IT Department should be consulted and the staff members should report any faults or suspicious activity very once.

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