Automotive workshop KPIs or key performance indicators indicate the progress being made towards achieving intended goals. It also provides focus when operational and strategic improvements are being made. It creates an analytical basis for making informed decisions. Here are a few benefits of KPIs in the automotive industry.

Speeding incidents

Speeding increases the risk of injuries and deaths related to a car crash. According to the world health organization, an increase in the average speed is related to the likelihood of an accident and the severity of consequences of a car crash.

Not only does car speeding negatively affect fleet safety, but it also reduces fuel economy. By reducing speeding incidents, you will see a fuel saving of about 7% to 14%.

Harsh acceleration and braking incidents

When you apply more force than necessary on the brake or accelerator of your car, car dealership KPIs will trigger these events. This could indicate that the driver is engaging in aggressive or unsafe behaviors on the road. Harsh braking events can indicate a distraction from driving and is a sign that a driver is avoiding crashes frequently. This can increase the risk of an accident.

Consistently applying unnecessary pressure to your brake will significantly increase wear and tear to your tires and brake pads. It will in turn increase the need for car maintenance and reduce the lifespan of your car.

Measuring these indicators can identify drivers who need more training to learn how to drive smoothly. When your drivers drive smoothly, they reduce the risk of wear and tear, crashes and excessive fuel consumption.

Crash incidents

The right automotive workshop KPIs can help you reduce crash incidents. Crashes pose a threat to the safety of your vehicles. It also affects the efficiency of your fleet and brings on unnecessary expenses due to possible insurance claims and repairs.