Microtia is a rare congenital disease in which children are born with a missing or malformed ear. Parents desire the most advanced care for their children when they are born with microtia or ear abnormalities. As one of the most skilled ear reconstruction surgeons in India, Dr. Parag Telang is well known for treating ear abnormalities and microtia at The Microtia Trust. He is renowned for his skill and excellent outcomes because this operation necessitates a three-dimensional study of the ear. The procedures assist the patient in achieving an external ear that is aesthetically acceptable while restoring facial symmetry. The Microtia Trust is receiving patients from worldwide and has successfully treated patients from the US, UK (England), UAE, and other nations. One can consult the skilled doctor at The Microtia Trust in Mumbai if they have any ear deformities or have microtia. Get in touch with Dr. Parag Telang to find out how much an ear plastic surgery cost at The Microtia Trust