Staying in a small, shared apartment shouldn't limit your freedom of movement and expression. Make your college dorm room more than just a place to sleep and eat by applying these creative design ideas!

Spruce It Up
Moving into a dull dorm room might make the transition to college even more unsettling. Our simple dorm room design ideas will help you turn your school-issued living space into a relaxing retreat.

Make your dorm room seem like home by adding your style with decorative touches like wall art, bedding, and multifunctional lighting (like a floor lamp with shelves). Then, stock up on essentials like dorm room storage bins and college kitchenware to keep things neat and organized.

Improve Your Desk Area
Even though you'll be spending a lot of time at the library and other study places, your dorm room desk might be just as, if not more, significant.

Put another way, you want to minimize the time and effort required to prepare for your classes. Making sure you have everything you need to take notes and complete assignments is a major source of stress for students, so it's important to set up a well-organized study area.

A decent modern desk with a charging station and the discipline to spend a few minutes every day tidying up can make a big difference.

Ensure there is adequate illumination. If you need to keep your workspace well-lit or want to avoid disturbing your roommate while you work, choose Fenlo's Future Mid-Century Modern Desk with Charging Station.

The Art of Storing and Organizing
Sometimes, the living quarters at a college dorm are quite cramped. Vertical and inventive storage solutions might help you make the most of your limited square footage.

Look for shelves that also double as light fixtures, as most dorms forbid drilling into the walls.

A floor lamp with shelves serves two purposes: it illuminates the entire room, making it perfect for reading or doing homework, and it also gives you extra storage space for your books and other items.

Sort Out Your Color Scheme
Choose a color scheme that you love to make your dorm room more inviting. As a bonus, a neutral basis will make it simpler to combine your style with that of your roommate, making even the tiniest shared area feel more spacious.

Use a bright-colored bedspread set, comforter, and ornamental pillows to bring in more of the room's natural light. You may also hang tapestries or posters with a similar color scheme to create a unifying theme in your dorm room.

Reduce Clutter
A college dorm room is typically disorganized due to the pressure of maintaining a full course load and completing multiple tasks by their due dates. Given that at most two people can call this place home, it's clear that minimalism, or the complete absence of clutter, is required or at least preferred, simply out of respect!

To make the most of a limited footprint, small-space dwellers must be creative with storage solutions. If you need to store some books, notebooks, aromatherapy supplies, or even a small speaker but don't want to take up too much room, a floor lamp with shelves is a great option.

Before leaving the room, make an effort to declutter. Cluttering up a small dorm room with unnecessary items can only make life there more difficult.

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