Our years of experience in antibody design & production will guarantee you the best chance of getting a higher affinity custom monoclonal antibody that works for your application. All you want to provide is your target sequence to work. Our team of experts will deliver support for every step of antibody production from antigen strategy to antibody purification. You will be informed when each milestone is attained.

How to Select Suitable Monoclonal Antibody Service

Our customizable service choices can handle all levels of project difficulty. Whether you have a simple or stimulating antigen, need a few or numerous clones, or have specific screening supplies, rest assured that our antibody specialists will do their best to tailor a custom project to flawlessly suit your research requirements.

We are a leading provider of both standard & custom antibodies. We have generated lots of antibodies for academic, pharmaceutical, analytic, & biotechnology institutes and businesses. We offer comprehensive solutions for the group of custom monoclonal antibodies. Our skilled team will work with you from antigen plan through antibody purification & validation. Numerous comprehensive antibody discovery platforms, including hybridoma, phage, and single B cell technologies are obtainable, and we will use the most appropriate platform based on the target of attention, request of the antibody, & customer timeline. To guarantee the identification of the best antibody for research, and therapeutics a diversity of characterization and screening skills are also available.

Why Choose Our Best Cost-effective Custom Monoclonal Antibody Facilities?

We have an advanced antibody discovery platform, Hybridoma, phage show, & single B cell technologies.

We have well-established generation platforms

We have fast immunization, enhanced electrofusion, hybridoma serum-free cell values, and numerous purification methods.

We have an extensive range of antigens, Recombinant proteins, viruses, peptides, DNA, and more upon request.

Antibody validation methods and fully customizable protocols

We have better quality, stipulations, screening, and purification methods custom-made to your needs.

We offer expert-guided custom project design and scientific specialists to provide guided antigen & antibody solutions.