Industrial product designers work with engineers and other manufacturers to develop new products. They use their knowledge of industrial design, manufacturing, and marketing to create products that are effective and efficient. Industrial product designers may have a background in engineering or mechanical engineering or they may have received training in industrial design at universities or professional schools. The job of an industrial product designer is varied and complex, but the skills that an industrial designer uses in the workplace are similar to those used by architects, interior designers, and graphic artists.


As a Industrial Product Designer, you will be responsible for creating and designing new products that are based on the needs of our clients. You will work closely with engineering teams to determine the best way to build a product, and then help create it.


Industrial Product Designers work in conjunction with engineers, designers and others within their company to create new products that meet specific customer requirements. They use science and technology to develop prototypes of new products, as well as conduct market research/analysis and gather feedback from potential customers.