People all across the world were on the edge of their seats in eager anticipation of the highly anticipated television adaptation of Resident Evil long before it was ever released to the general public. The scary movie can now be seen on Netflix, where it will delight, terrify, and interest audiences.

The same production firms, Constantin Film and Moonlighting Films, were behind the magic of the film as well as the television version, which made its debut on Netflix as an original series produced by the streaming service.

Due to the horrific dystopian idea and atmosphere of the show, fans are preoccupied with finding out where the action takes place.

Is it a city that very few people have ever heard of, or is it the result of the magic of modern post-production techniques and the use of green screen? Where on this planet is the made-up city of Racoon City, which is supposed to be in South Africa?

When residents of Cape Town find out that filming for the dystopian horror land took place right here on our doorstep, they may react with excitement (mixed with a little bit of fear).

The fact that Best of Netflix was made available to the public is evidence that Cape Town Film Studios was responsible for dressing up parts of our Mother City in order to create tense and terrifying scenarios.

A number of places in and around the Mother City give off an ominous vibe, including the following:

It was decided that the Umbrella and the Wesker House, in addition to the Werdmuller Center and the Maitland Abattoir, would be appropriate additions to the barren location.

The vessel Sarah Baartmen was utilized for the filming of certain scenes from The University, while further filming took place aboard the vessel S. A. Agulhas.

Cape Town Etc had a conversation with a local background actor who asked that their name be kept confidential. They assert that the work was originally known by a different title at the time, Venus Flytrap.

Due to the fact that the production took place in the year 2021, a significant number of COVID-19 tests were executed during scheduled calls. According to their assertions, I must have undergone COVID-19 screening at least ten times.

When a background actor was asked which moments were the most nerve-wracking to film, the following were some of the ones he mentioned:


"Although I was a part of it all, none of it felt alarming at the time." There were a lot of violent action sequences, involving battles, stunts, and pyrotechnics, which were shown throughout the movie. In addition, several of the sequences were filmed in a facility located close to Somerset, which is where the studios are situated.

There were actual fires, and the heat from them could be felt from a very great distance...

When I saw the finished piece, I was taken aback by the fact that it managed to be both fascinating and unsettling at the same time.


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