A label having a picture on the back; by heating the label, the image can be transferred up to three times to another surface.
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While heat transfer labels don't provide clothes the ability to hang on hooks, they do have the advantage of being simpler to apply than sewn-in labels, which, you guessed it, require some sewing expertise. Heat-pressed labels are quick and simple, giving the entire garment a clean finish while yet delivering all the necessary information on the label. This can be a time-consuming operation. When it comes to comfort, printed labels are typically preferred because the consumer wearing the clothing isn't bothered by the tag. You're sure to find a way that appeals to you, no matter which one sparks your curiosity.

Cheaper Heat Transfer Labels

It's important to keep in mind that transfer labels are less expensive, simpler to apply, and may be manufactured in significantly greater quantities in less time than sewn-on labels. You won't find this method to be very efficient unless you have a large production staff that specialises in sewing labels, as it takes a lot of time. Therefore, transfer labels would eliminate a lot of work if you are that independent clothing brand or even a major corporation. One thing to keep in mind is that, in order to maintain their appearance, the majority of direct garment decorations shouldn't be ironed over directly.