A-FOLD is one of the first prefabricated wooden houses manufacturer for the innovative, long-lasting, economical and sustainable house that fits every need.

Affordable Prefabricated Houses



We work consistently to allow individuals to reside in a cutting edge and supportable way any place on earth they feel at ease


We assemble wooden houses that go the distance over the long run, guaranteeing high energy execution, sound protection and strength. Because of our licenses, expertise and 30 years of involvement with the area, we can fulfill each space necessity and proposition you a one of a kind and unique Italian-style home.

A-Crease, pre-assembled wooden houses maker

A-Crease is a trailblazer among pre-assembled houses makers for its capacity to join cutting edge development strategies and quality materials to make the best pre-assembled measured wooden house, while giving reasonable and supportable residing space rapidly and without any problem.

A-Crease is quite possibly the earliest maker of pre-assembled particular wooden house with major areas of strength for a to the development. It ensures the plan and development of strong, seismic tremor safe and adaptable houses to meet any prerequisite:

Pre-assembled wooden houses maker

A-Crease stands apart among pre-assembled wooden houses makers as it plans protected and comfortable spaces that can develop and change with your necessities. All models of pre-assembled wooden houses are intended to give very happy with residing while at the same time staying reasonable and supportable arrangements. A-Crease impeccably suits each spot you maintain that it should be: whether in huge urban communities or provincial regions, in the mountains or in a little coastline town. A-Crease fits impeccably into any environmental elements. You can add your very own touch by picking your model and most loved materials, as indicated by your necessities and financial plan. The various development and completing choices permit you to tweak your home as indicated by your taste. On account of the profoundly normalized pre-assembled house development framework and speedy establishment, you can set aside time and cash and safeguard the climate.

The A-Overlay measured wooden house, between Italian custom and development

A-Overlay is enlisted brand and the vast majority of our frameworks are safeguarded by patent. The A-Overlay pre-assembled wooden house is planned and created in Italy. Our group has a strong involvement with pre-assembled developments gained in north of 30 years of movement in planning, assembling and creating different structure arrangements generally with an eye to the green innovation.

An incredible skill that comes from a strong family custom mixed with the utilization of best in class hardware. The strength and enthusiasm of a unique climate with an outward spotlight on a superior future. The soul of development starts from an affection for nature, on the grounds that the best way to carry on with work as a pre-assembled wooden houses maker is to further develop the climate where we reside, putting resources into quality and style of the whole environment, guaranteeing prosperity and congruity. A-Overlap adds to bio-engineering improvement through strong and beneficial arrangements, the consequence of a work made with responsibility, instinct, reality or more all enthusiasm.

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