HP printers have high-quality prints, scannable and copyable files, and text and image displays in both black and colour. My Hp Photosmart 6520 Won't Print happens from time to time. When an ink cartridge in your HP printer runs out of ink, no colour prints are normally produced. Print head issues, incorrect printer settings, and other variables are some of the causes of this problem. You must understand why your HP Photosmart 6520 isn't printing in black and how to resolve the issue.

Why Does My Hp 6520 Printer Not Print In Black?

HP printers can generate stunning colour and monochrome outputs. If you want to print files in black and white, your Hp Photosmart 6520 Black Not Printing will run out of ink. In this case, first ensure that the ink cartridge is fully charged. The following are some of the most common causes of your HP Photosmart 6520 not printing in black:

  • Problems with the print head
  • For example, improper printer colour settings.
  • The black ink in the ink cartridge runs out.
  • Using subpar ink may exacerbate the situation.

Whatever the underlying cause, the problem must be resolved as soon as possible.

Are your HP printer's pages not printing black? Here's A Quick Fix

HP printers are well-known for their printing quality. They provide all of their customers with tempting bargains and extras such as free shipping and returns. Perhaps your home or workplace has an HP printer as well. But how would you respond if your printer broke down or your HP printer stopped printing in black? Using the methods offered below, you may establish the cause of your HP printer's failure to print documents in colour or black and white.

Step 1: Inspect the cartridge

  • Open the printer's top lid and carefully remove the colour printer cartridge.
  • Print the files again after replacing the black ink cartridge.
  • Your HP printer's colour cartridge or black ink supply is most likely empty.
  • Check that your cartridge is at least 1/4 full. Look for the expiration date on the side of the ink cartridge.

If the first method doesn't work and your HP 6520 printer won't print in black, try the following:

Step 2: Check the print head

  • If the problem is caused by dirt or debris getting under the ink cartridge, clean the printer print heads.
  • Press and hold the "power" button while simultaneously pressing the "Resume" button six times.
  • Remove your finger from the power switch and let your HP printer clean the print heads on its own using a few gentle cleaning approaches.
  • Please repost your documents. If your HP printer is still producing blank pages, press and hold the "strength" button a second time, then press and hold the "Resume" button five times for a more thorough cleaning operation.
  • Print the document once again.

If you are still experiencing trouble printing documents in colour or black and white on your HP printer, there is a software/printer motive force issue. If this happens, you'll need to reconfigure your printer and reinstall the printer driver from the manufacturer's website.

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