According to Psyonix, the brand new method – dubbed RLCS X – will open up high-degree opposition to even more groups than Rocket League Prices earlier than whilst worthwhile constant performance through a points-based structure. It will even find the money for Psyonix more flexibility with regard to web hosting live occasions, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously, Psyonix hosted a RLCS season about twice in step with 12 months, with a season-finishing World Championship. The layout featured weekly league play for qualified teams across North America and Europe, with the Oceanic and South American regions handled by neighborhood organisers. The shape additionally included a second-tier Rival Series league with promoting and relegation among seasons.

RLCS Season 9 became held earlier this year with a World Championship announced for overdue April in Dallas, Texas. However, given the pandemic, Psyonix opted to cancel the World Championship altogether and divert extra cash into the respective regional finals as an alternative, together with hosting additional online tournaments soon after the RLCS season ended.

Under the new RLCS X format, the season will span three splits: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each split will characteristic three nearby events apiece in North American and Europe (for 18 in total), together with a Major event on the quit of every split. Psyonix is still operating with organisers in RL Prices Oceania and South American to finalise those regions’ aggressive information.