Continuous practice using Turning target systems can help to enhance your shooting skills in terms of precision. But apart from practice, here are three tips to improve your shooting mechanics.

1) Focus on Your Target

Turning target systems are highly dynamic, and it's crucial to keep your eye on the target before you take your shot. Pivotal Trainers have two sides where one is a civilian holding a cell phone, and another one is a possible criminal holding a gun. The focus should be impeccable to take down the criminal.

2) Work on Your Grip

One should have swift action while training with the portable turning target system. Make sure to hold your gun tightly using your fingers. It should be neither too loose nor too tight. Work on your grip before taking the shoot!

3) Pay Attention to Your Stance

Have a proper stance before taking down your turning target system. Practice the stance before you take your gun. Here are a few tips


  • Have your feet about shoulder-width apart
  • If you are a right-hand shooter, place your left foot slightly forward
  • If you are a left-hand shooter, place your right foot slightly forward
  • Also, change your stance based on the situation.


Know Your Portable Turning System

The turning target system comprises the following components.

AR500 STEEL FRAME: The AR500 steel frame gives the motor housing improved protection and makes moving about the training area for various circumstances simple. Using the fast release, one can disconnect the motor and frame soon.

MOTOR:  AR500 steel is used to make the motor housing, and a quick mounting bracket slides behind the frame. It completely hides the motor's profile and offers superior protection.

REMOTE CONTROL: The Pivotal Trainer's motor may be programmed and controlled by the user using the remote control. Both manual and automatic modes are available. It enables users with a group or alone.

You can always get in touch with our teams to know more about the turning target system for shooting. Call us now!