At R&D Assist, we specialise in Research and Development claims. Focusing primarily on clients with an annual turnover below $20 million, we’ll work through every step of the application process with you in order to optimise your return. australian r & d tax incentive R&D Assist has helped companies around Australia to receive their R&D tax offset. With a wealth of experience in many different industries, R&D Assist is one of the only companies in the country that focuses on tech and innovation. As an ever growing industry, there’s always opportunity for research and development. The R&D incentive allows businesses to spend money they may not have otherwise been able to. Resulting in industry leading technologies and new production methods.Quality and compliance are the core principles on which we base our company, endeavouring to learn about your business practises in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding and a comprehensive tax offset.australian r&d tax credit Assist are also available for all your tax return needs. With over 30 years of experience in accounting and taxation, we know how to maximise your return. If you or your business has earned income within the last financial year, you’re legally required to lodge a tax return. Completing this on your own can be a daunting task, and often results in you missing out on money with a lack of detailed knowledge about the Australian taxation rules. R&D Assist will help you get the most out of your return and help you to reinvest that refund back into your business. Whether you’re an individual, small or large business - R&D Assist is there to help you lodge your tax return. We’ll cover all aspects, including but not australian government r&d tax incentive limited to.R&D claims and cash refunds for Australian companies with an annual turnover less than $20m is all we do! Our expert experience includes successful R&D claims for many and varied innovative Australian companies. Our R&D consultants are also tax accountants to ensure both fronts are managed and optimised to best practice for your situation. As one of the only firms with a focus on tech innovation, we value quality & compliance in our approach to this outstanding government initiative that subsidises R&D expenditure.R&D activities are generally new, innovative activities (goods or services or information technology systems) with outcomes that a competent professional can't know or determine in advance, based on current knowledge, information and experience. Unfortunately many Australian companies undertake qualifying R&D activity and don’t realise they can claim cash refunds back from the ATO.