Hayes is known to be a safe driver, and our road infrastructure ensures fewer accidents. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement. When exploring the beautiful countryside with your family, it's best to always be safe behind the wheel. Safe driving on highways is the key to a perfect vacation. Here are some tips for safe driving on the road.

Before you start

Don't forget to keep your smartphones fully charged. Also, check the sufficient fuel level in the car. Make a list of gas stations on your route. Check the toolbox and spare wheel. It must also contain all vehicle and driver's license documents.

Stick to the speed limits

Speed limits on highways are established after careful planning. Crossing these speeds can be dangerous, especially if the road has a lot of turns. If you stay within the enforceable speed limits, you will have plenty of time to think in emergencies. Avoiding excessive honking and overtaking should be carefully planned.

Tank trucks and trailers

Fully loaded fuel trucks and trailers are usually driven at high speeds on highways due to strict schedules. Wait for a signal from you in case you want to overtake. You can flash your lights to make them pass. When overtaking, be extremely careful with their length.

Stay on track

If you have overtaken a vehicle, immediately return to your lane in front of the car. Don't stay between lanes, and remain firmly in your route. Always be vigilant and keep a safe distance between vehicles.

Less visible bumps

Sometimes roads connected to the highways have small speed bumps that are not well maintained. They should approach these at low speed due to their visibility. If you drive over it at high speeds, your vehicle may skid or lose control.

Read the signs

Highways have many signs throughout their journey. Be sure not to miss important information about speed limits, intersections, turns, bridges, and more. Although it is cramped on the highways, you should always ensure that your car's headlights do not blind the oncoming driver. Turning on the headlights at dusk can also cause inconvenience to other drivers.

Winding road

Driving on winding roads with many turns is difficult. Do not leave your lane when approaching a bend. It can lead to a head-on collision, as both drivers cannot see each other. Good brakes can be very useful on such roads. If you can not approach turns correctly, slow down the speed a few steps. When crossing hairpins during a climb to a hill, hold on to the inside of the lane and give the oncoming vehicle a convenient place to pass.

Dealing with fatigue

Driving on the highway can be exhausting. Fatigue creeps in during long distances. It can lead to errors and, in extreme cases, even accidents. Take a break while driving and enjoy a light coffee or a drink every 2-3 hours. If there are two drivers, it is best to switch.

These tips for driving on the highway will always help you enjoy a safe trip. At the driving school in hayes, Professional and friendly driving instructors teach our students how to navigate roads and highways on their daily commute. Sign up and learn many more tips to add a safety net to your travels.