Nowadays, your online store should be considered an online shop. The first step in shopify development is to make sure that you have a smart coupon email system plugin for woo commerce. This will help you avoid making any mistakes and help your customers save money with your coupons.

What is a Coupon Email System?


A coupon email system is a great way to save money on your groceries, clothing, and more. By using a plugin like Woocommerce Smart Coupon Email System, you can create and send customised coupons to your customers automatically.


To set up your coupon email system, first install the plugin. Once it’s installed, click the “Coupons” tab in the WooCommerce admin area and then select the “Smart Coupon Email System” plugin from the list of plugins.


You will now need to configure the settings for your plugin. In the “General Settings” area, you will need to enter your domain name and server information. Next, you will need to specify which products you would like to include in your email campaigns. You can either select individual products or choose an entire category (for example, clothing). Finally, you will need to specify how many emails per day you would like to send out and whether or not you would like to track conversions from your emails.


Once you have completed these settings, it’s time to start sending coupons! To begin sending coupons, go into your product data sheet (found under Products > All Products on the main WooCommerce page) and add a new coupon field. Next, enter the code for the coupon that you want to send into this field and click save. You can now preview this coupon in your account and make any necessary changes before finally sending it


Types of Coupons


There are a few different types of coupons that you can use in your WooCommerce shop.


Direct Coupons: These coupons are sent directly to the customer’s email inbox. They must be added manually and cannot be automatically generated.


In-Store Coupons: These coupons are available only at the store where they were printed. They are added automatically to the shopping cart when a customer clicks on them, and they expire after a certain amount of time.


Bulk Coupons: These coupons can be used multiple times by the same customer, and they can be automatically generated or added manually.


How to Use the Plugin in WooCommerce


The Smart Coupon Email System plugin for WooCommerce is a great way to manage your coupon emails. With this plugin, you can create, send, and track your coupons easily.


To get started, first install the plugin and activate it. Then, go to the "Settings" tab and select your email account. You'll need to provide your login information for the email account.


Now, you'll need to specify the settings for your campaign. You can choose how often you want to send new coupons (daily, weekly, or monthly), as well as how long each coupon should last.


You can also specify how many coupons you want in each email campaign. Finally, you'll need to decide what content you'd like included in the email campaigns. You can choose from a variety of templates or create your own with our provided content editor.


Once all of these settings are configured, it's time to start sending emails! To start a new campaign, click on the "Send Emails" button on the main toolbar and select your campaign from the list that appears.


To view information about a specific campaign (including statistics about open and clicks), click on the "Details' ' button under the "Send Emails" header. This will take you to a detailed report about the campaign that includes information such as open rates, unsubscribes rate, and average order value per coupon Click here to learn more about using WooCommerce's Smart Coup




Using a coupon email system plugin for WooCommerce can save you time and money. Not only will you be able to automatically send out coupons to your customers, but you'll also be able to track which ones are being used and which are not. This information can help you fine-tune your coupon strategy, making sure that everyone in your shop receives the discounts they need and deserve.

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