Whenever you decide to be a civil servant what is the right time to go for civil service coaching. Some students decide in High school that they have to become a civil servant. You cannot attend coaching classes at that time because you will have to complete your schooling first. UPSC has decided some minimum qualifications to appear in the civil service examination. So keep it in mind.

The minimum age to appear in the civil service examination is 21 years. In the first or second year of your graduation you can join UPSC coaching. It is Considered an ideal time. Some students engage in their family life or job due to their financial reasons at a very early age. They can join IAS coaching 1 year ago before their exam.

Joining the right coaching institute will help to start your preparation as you have decided to be a civil servant. No matter if you are a college going student, housewives or working professionals. Start your coaching from the same day whenever you have decided your target. Going to coaching institutes will help you to recognize your potential so that you can utilize it in a proper way. It improves your performance. Frame an action plan according to your requirements and ability so that you can achieve your goal easily.

Competition is getting higher day by day and a good coaching institute will help you travel in this journey in a more comfortable way so that you can reach your destination Surely.

A coaching institute provides you an academic platform and group approach so that you can achieve your objectives.

In a Coaching institute you understand the true nature of competition and get an insight to perform well and clear the exam.

If you are a college going student, join a coaching institute in your first or second year of graduation. After completing your graduation you will be eligible to appear in the civil service examination. Starting early is always beneficial. If you become a civil servant in the early phase of your life, you get the bonus of this wonderful career for many years.. just join the right coaching institutes at ideal time and give your hundred percent so that you can make your dream come true surely.


Clear your Doubt

Some students may be confused about what is the right age to start for exam preparation. Just clear your confusion and start your preparation at the right time. There is no ideal age to start for the civil service exam but the most suitable time to start their preparation is considered after your graduation when you are at the age of 21. Maybe some students found inspiration at a later phase of their life and start their preparation at the age of 30 also. Some students also clear this exam in their first attempt at the age of 31 or 32.

When you are in school you can prepare for the exam but don't make it your primary aim. First off All Complete your schooling. And then decide your strategy, books, optional subject and dedicate yourself to your aim now. You can prepare current affairs and make your base strong with general knowledge. It will help you in the long run for the IAS exam later.

Read NCERT books in school and clear your doubts with your class teacher. This will help you in the preparation of IAS exam after your graduation

If you are in college then you can start your preparation seriously in the final year of your graduation without compromising the study of your graduation. You can get another chance to clear the IAS exam but you will not get one more chance to complete your graduation.

Make your habit of reading newspapers daily because a newspaper is the latest source for current affairs. No need to make notes from newspapers right now.. Read the newspaper freely at the start. No need to focus on any special article. Just read the newspaper simply. Make your fundamental base of GS strong and move to the serious preparation letter.

If you start your IAS preparation at an early age, then you will have an option for second or third attempts. Many Successful candidates or toppers also clear this exam after many attempts. And unfortunately you did not get success in the civil service examination you can choose an alternate career option before going over age.

If your financial condition is weak then you can join a job and start your IAS preparation with a full time job also. Many students have cleared civil service exam with a job. It may be difficult to manage your time between work and study but smart work, right strategy and full dedication will make it possible.

To read standard books is not the only way to start your UPSC preparation. You can improve yourself slowly. Aware yourself of the happenings in society, country and world. Try to know your history, culture and government system in a better way. Later start your preparation seriously.

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