In these days of global economic uncertainty, many manufacturing companies are exploring ways to lower expenses through improving efficiency. But the challenge for many in the manufacturing industry is maintaining their productivity in the midst of austerity and cost-cutting measures.

But one way to improve efficiency is to explore good lighting design and installation in manufacturing facilities. Here are some of the ways lighting and installation can improve efficiency in any manufacturing facility.

Improve Lighting Efficiency
Lighting efficiency refers to how much electricity is consumed per unit of illumination. In general, lighting systems consume about 10% of total electrical consumption in industrial settings. This percentage increases to 20% in warehouses and 30% in data centers.

However, lighting systems have been shown to reduce operating costs by 40% or more when companies use LED lighting fixtures in these facilities. Light Efficient Design recommends placing lights systematically so they could illuminate the area optimally.

Implement Energy Conservation Measures
Energy conservation is defined as the reduction of energy use without compromising productivity. There are many ways to conserve energy in manufacturing facilities. One way is to implement lighting controls that turn off lights when they are not being used.

Another way is to install motion sensors that automatically switch lights on and off based on occupancy. This can also be extended to machines and computer systems, using automation to turn off equipment after a few minutes of being idle.

Another way to conserve energy consumption is to use LED bulbs and lights. Light Efficient Design has several bulbs and lamps that consume less energy, and could significantly reduce power and utilities expenses.

Improve Frequency of Quality Checks
Another way to improve lighting efficiency is to increase the frequency of quality checks. Reducing shadow improves your personnel’s ability to see design flaws and quality issues. It can also help them see the quality of their work.

When lighting quality checks are conducted more frequently, lights that are slowly losing their illumination can be quickly replaced. Regular inspections can lessen issues of quality defects and even safety issues.

Use LED Lighting in Areas to Improve Safety and Health
One of the main reasons manufacturers prefer LED lighting is their longer lifespan. They are two to four times more long lasting than fluorescent lighting, and even vapor lights. Also LED lights make color recognition easier for people in a manufacturing setting.

They also consume less energy than that of traditional lighting. They can improve the energy use of any facility, increasing its lighting efficiency by 60 to 75%. It also emits almost no heat compared to traditional lamps and light bulbs.

They are also safer for personnel because they are more luminous and lessen the instances of eye strain, headaches, and eye discomfort. Good lighting can lessen the instances of these health issues, and could improve attendance and performance too.

Efficient Lighting Can Do Wonders for Efficiency
For many manufacturers exploring how to improve efficiency without spending too much, exploring lighting designs that are efficient can improve not only safety and efficiency, but also morale and productivity.

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