America’s Rifle is reliable and hardworking, and highly versatile. It is also highly modular.

On that latter note, while a factory AR is good as it stands, it could be made much better.

Specifically with upgrades like these. If you’re considering adding a new buffer tube or BCG to improve handling or cycling, consider some of these buffer tubes & accessories.

Buffer Tube Weights
Your AR’s buffer tube serves as the attachment point for your stock and contains the buffer spring and weights.

The weights, specifically impact cycling. The heavier the weights, the smoother the rifle will shoot, and the better it will absorb recoil. The lighter the weights and the spring, the less fluid cycling will be (and the more quickly the spring will fatigue).

If your rifle’s cycling is choppy, consider upgrading to a heavier set of buffer weights and a higher-strength buffer spring.

Bolt Carrier Groups
Your rifle’s bolt carrier group is like the heart of the rifle, as it contains the firing pin, ejector, and extractor. It also contains the gas rings that enable it to cycle.

Classic AR bolt carrier groups are either finished with hard chrome or a mil-spec phosphate coating, both of which are relatively corrosion-resistant and require relatively minimal maintenance.

However, modern BCG coatings take minimal maintenance, ease of cleaning, and permanent dry lubricity to the next level.

Modern coatings like nickel boron, titanium nitride, and diamond-like carbon, despite the fact that they are very expensive, are extremely hard, wear and corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean.

They also exhibit superior permanent dry lubricity and require less liquid lubricant, helping to alleviate fouling accumulation arising from excessive use of oil.

Extended Magazine Releases
In competition, the speed with which you can drop a mag will impact your scoring. Standard AR mag releases are serviceable but not as easy to engage in the dark, in the cold, or while wearing heavy gloves.

In these scenarios, extended magazine releases serve as a serviceable, if unexciting, upgrade.

Muzzle Brakes
Muzzle brakes might just be some of the best AR-15 upgrades out there because of their impact on muzzle jump and recoil.

Sure, they make a gun a whole lot louder, but they also significantly cut recoil and muzzle jump, which can help keep your sights trained down, and on target. They can also help diminish shooter fatigue.

They do this by changing the distribution according to which gases are ported at the muzzle, helping to substantially alleviate recoil.

Charging Handles
Mil-spec charging handles are alright, and just that, but no better. They are difficult to access in the dark, in the cold, or when wearing heavy gloves - the complaints here are pretty much the same as they are for magazine releases.

However, you can pretty easily upgrade your AR with a larger charging handle with improved ergonomics that is easier to engage in the dark, cold, or with gloves on. That makes it easier to instinctively cycle your action or clear jams manually, even in adverse conditions.

Also, some charging handles have gas shields or gas deflectors that help redirect ported gases away from your face.

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