People who take charter jets in New York City (NYC) are always singing their praises, and so they should be. Charter flights, especially in a big and busy city like New York, are always going to be the more convenient and efficient option. The big busy departure halls of the airports can be avoided, the lengthy check-ins are avoided, the security lines are non-existent although security is tight, and the flight itself is a pleasure. Charter flights in New York are definitely the better option when compared to scheduled flights, but there is an ongoing debate about the environment. Flying in itself is not exactly an environmentally friendly option, unless of course, passengers try and offset their carbon imprint. Do scheduled or charter jet companies encourage this?

Offsetting your carbon footprint when flying

So no matter whether you travel in private charter jets or by a larger scheduled airline, you are going to be treading heavily on the earth, even though you are in the air. Aircraft use up a lot of fuel. Is it better to travel in a scheduled plane, where there are more of you and so your carbon footprint is less, or is it better to travel in a private plane where the plane is smaller and so your heavy carbon footprint is less, but so is the number of people sharing the load. Actually, it makes absolutely no difference. Whichever way you are flying you are impacting the environment. We know that often pilots, both scheduled airline pilots and private pilots for air charter companies, will remind you of this and suggest you plant a tree in a park when you get home. And that is all you need to know; that everybody is making an effort, and you need to be part of the effort too.

Debating the price of scheduled flying over private jets

There is no real debate over the price comparisons between scheduled flying and private jets. Obviously flying in a private aircraft is more expensive than flying in a scheduled airline aircraft but you are getting a much more convenient and luxurious experience in the private aircraft. And if you add up the time you are saving when you travel by charter, you may just find that the prices are very similar in the end. And I guess that is why there is a debate. Private jet travel is always going to be more costly but you save yourself many hours in a day, sometimes the whole day, when you travel privately. Hours that you could put towards working hard and making money. And so private flights may actually not be that much more expensive at all.

Use a reputable and reliable air charter company and always do price comparisons. If you are concerned about the environment, ask the air charter company what they are doing to offset the large amount of fuel used. Charter jets in NYC are always the better way to travel.