A Certificate of Compliance is an equally important document, similar to a Real Property Report. While the latter is an overview of the entire property, the former makes sure whether that overview is accurate or isn’t.

The certificate is issued by the City of Calgary for ensuring that no property is breaching the municipal bylaws and regulations. Moreover, it certainly adds to the overall value of the property if it’s certain that the property in question is free from any legal, economic, or encroachment-related troubles.

So, how are certificates of compliance and real property reports linked with one another? Let us find out more.

Steps to Get a Certificate of Compliance
There are officially recognized four steps to get a certificate of compliance from The City of Calgary.

Step 1: Review
The first step basically involves all the right questions. In the case of someone who’s selling a property, a certificate of compliance is required by the lawyers and the real estate agents involved in the transactions, to safeguard their clients’ interests.

Taking a Compliance certificate when buying a property is better too, considering they will act as an assurance that the responsibility of any previous structures on the property is not the responsibility of the new owners.

The overall review period lasts somewhere between 7 days and can end up stretching to 14 days if an additional review is required at any step.

Step 2: Preparation
After review, it’s the preparation part that comes into play. The property needs to be ready for undergoing a survey and should reflect its current state. Before going for a certificate of compliance, obtaining a real property report from an Alberta land surveyor is imperative.

Step 3: Applying for the Certificate
In order to apply for a certificate, one needs to log in to apply.calgary.ca. It can be done in person too.

Step 4: Resubmission
In case the property meets the Land Use Bylaw requirements, a certificate of compliance will be granted.

If the certificate isn’t granted, there could be a few reasons behind the same. Projections too close to the boundary line, decks too close to the boundaries, walls not meeting the height requirements, and accessory residential buildings and porches too close to the boundary line are some of the major ones.

If the certificate isn’t approved, it can be resubmitted. As an alternative, removing the additional structure, or applying for a relaxation to the rule are present too.

However, this entire process becomes breezy when there is some right set of people, such as Core Geomatics behind it.

How Does it Affect a Real Property Report?
A Real Property Report acts as a reference document for obtaining a certificate of compliance. The officials at the City of Calgary tend to refer to a Real Property Report before finalizing whether the property

Conclusion: Getting The Experts For a Faster Process
A real property report isn’t simply just a piece of document. It consists of all the right content that you might need for several purposes, including property transactions. It is the magnitude of importance that a Real Property Report holds which makes them imperative for a lot of matters.

A certificate of compliance is the official acknowledgment of the Real Property Report that is submitted to the government agencies, to convey that the report seems good to go and does not flout any legal regulations.

It is because of these many steps involved that a Real Property Report usually tends to be a lengthy process with many people and steps involved.

Hence, getting the right company which knows the right people at the right places, can always help. Core Geomatics, with more than a decade worth of experience in preparing real property reports, and getting them approved certainly know what’s right and how to get things done. They know about the industry’s requirements and the people at different organizations who can get things done.

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