Best Quality Thermal Paper for your Thermal Printing Needs

For retail and hospitality business owners, the use of thermal paper is common. But, there are a number of variations when it comes to the quality of thermal paper rolls, and you need to choose the right one for your register, credit card processor, or a complete POS system. 


What is Thermal Paper?

The paper that's used to record printed media from heat from the thermal printer is called thermal paper. This printing type creates an image produced by heat rather than ink. The image is processed when the paper passes over the head of the thermal printer. 


All thermal papers have a special coating that changes colour when heat exposure. This transfer of heat, or thermal energy, is what causes an image to be created. Thus, thermal papers are also economical as they don't require an ink ribbon or cartridge. In addition, thermal printers also don't require much maintenance; they're small, extremely handy, and compact. 


Why Choose Thermal Paper?

There are numerous benefits to using thermal paper for POS printing, cash register, credit cards, or ATM machines:


  •   Dependability

Fine printing with fewer chances of smudge.


  •   Easy-to-use

Thermal paper is very convenient and simple to manage.


  •   High-Definition Printing

Clear and more readable print than traditional paper. 


  •   Durable

Thermal paper can work at different temperatures and are resistant to water, oil, adhesives, etc. 


  •   Versatile Usage

Thermal paper can be used for ticketing, banking, financial, gaming, transportation, parking, ATM receipt rolls, credit card machines, and POS.