Tesla motors have the distinction of offering e-cars or electric cars. The concept of electric vehicle is not new, and it goes back to 1882 when Nikola Tesla first proposed the electric car design. However the real achievement of Tesla model y is to make such vehicle practical for common use. The high end Tesla cars are so efficient with speed, stamina and power that they are competing with the very best in business sport cars these days. The electric factor does not come as handicap in the luxury and pleasure of drive one expects from the top car.

With the smooth as silk drive and running for as long as 250 miles on single charge you can first enjoy the ride in your compact Tesla, secondly you can go on long drives without worrying much about charging your car. Tesla is among the rare American manufacturers who are operating with the tremendous success. You cannot ignore the Tesla cars, especially considering the fact they are good for environment, and with the increasing fuel prices seems like the obvious choice of future.