ideapad l340-15 2022 specs

As a frequent traveler, you need to bring entertainment and performance with you on your business and pleasure trips. Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 is a part of Lenovo's Z series laptops that bring you multimedia performance, plus a bold and affordable style to help you make an impression wherever you are.

One of the most affordable laptops available the ideapad l340 series comes standard with the highest quality parts that provide fast computing and gaming options.

One of the most stylish designs for a laptop Lenovo provides you with a premium brushed metal case in either vivid white or bold red. You will find that Intel HD graphics, 4000 integrated as well as an OneKey Theatre II with touch hot keys will give you high listening and viewing pleasure.

The Dolby Home Theater v4, has specialized stereo speakers and Lenovo's speakers include an extra bass section that provides your machine with that deep bass sound that makes watching movies and listening to music truly awesome.

The 720p webcam is the perfect communication tool and paired with the built in speakers almost makes the guy on the other side of the camera "fall into your lap."

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