Training with steel targets is one of the most effective and satisfying. The loud PING noise makes you go hee-haw like a cowboy from the wild west!  These targets are created out of hardened (martensitic) steel. It is apt for airgun sports like silhouette, Steel targets shooting, action shooting, practical/dynamic shooting, long-range shooting, field target, or casual plinking. Here are the top five reasons to shoot with a steel target.


Increased Training time

With this setup, pistol shooters can practice shooting from different angles, while rifle shooters can learn how to aim for varying distances. The best part is you need not go every time and check whether you got the target down because the sound confirms it!

More Downrange Rounds Each Session 

This fusion steel target is rifle-rated and can be adjusted using the scoring rings to be either large enough for engagements at 500 yards or tiny enough for closer ranges. 

If you are out to shoot both rifle and pistol on the same day, then steel targets should be your go-to option.

Precision Training

It enables you to verify your hit from the instance. You get to witness the impact on time without much delay.  Steel targets are best apt for both defensive and precision training.

Apt for dynamic Target Shooting

Steel targets are used for dynamic training processes. It can help in improving your motor skills and focus. Plus they are highly durable. Check out some of our dynamic Steel targets here. 


Shooting down targets of paper or cardboard looks classy. But, to be frank, they are not as fun as shooting at steel. The high-pitched clinging sound announces to the whole shooting range that you have taken down the target.  It's rigid and can also be reused multiple times.



Steel targets for shooting are an excellent addition to any home range because they can typically be left outside in any weather. It relieves you from the burden of removing and the need to put up and take down each time you wish to shoot. Steel will also eventually pay for itself because the expense of purchasing paper repeatedly will surpass the initial expenditure. Click here to get the best steel shooting targets right away!