If you’ve been associated with the power sector for quite some time now, you might have seen that terms like single-phase power and three-phase power are being thrown about a lot. And if you aren’t aware of what they signify, we at Genus Company are here to help you out with a complete blog on the topic.

Read on to get an in-depth look at single-phase and three-phase energy, along with their benefits and the differences between the two.

Given our present electrical technology arsenal, only smart meters are equipped to answer this call. And given the pace at which these machines are being adopted, smart power meters are to replace all the traditional meters in business in the near future.

But these aren’t just regular electrical tools that helps customers track their usage. In fact, the installation of these meters across the whole electric grid is vital to achieving a smart, sustainable future.

Let’s dive deeper.

In fact, many businesses have been pairing their allocation transformers with smart energy meter to add a layer of industrialisation to functions. Not only that, but these meters also allow utility providers to utilize power in an optimum way. 


But that’s just scraping the surface. In this blog, we’ll understand the benefits of using smart meters along distribution transformers, for what is usually called distribution transformer metering.