EVE-NG is an Emulated Virtual Environment for the Network, Security, & the DevOps Professionals. EVE-NG is a clientless multivendor Online Network Lab emulation software that empowers network & security professionals with huge chances in the networking world. With EVE-NG, you can build your individual virtual labs and train yourself with Cisco, and many other vendors. You can also construct the network, and plan to validate solutions. EVE-NG platform is ready for today’s requirements. Environments.

 Why choose EVE-NG?

The best solution to use is Eve-ng lab. GNS takes up a lot of resources & is a little outdated as well. EVE-NG supports all of the different Vendors.

Requirements of Eve-ng lab:

  • At least 8 GB RAM
  • Windows or MAC OS
  • Processors above i3 and older generations will work
  • VM-Ware Workstations Software
  • OVA File

The eve-ng lab can be used for studying all kinds of technologies. It gives tools to use around all the virtual devices & interconnects them with all other physical or virtual devices. Many of the features make it simple as usability, manageability, interconnectivity, distribution, and the ability to understand and share topologies, ideas, concepts, or virtual labs. It helps to reduce the cost & time incurred in setting up what is needed, & tough tasks would be simplified to be performed. With EVE-ng we can learn about general or any vendor-specific technologies & test new technologies such as network automation, SDN, etc. Corporate networks can be re-formed to test changes before applying them in a production setting. Proof of concept can be shaped for clients. Network issues can be troubleshot by simulating or re-forming them. It can be used to test software in replicated environments and can be used for testing vulnerabilities, system engineering, servers, etc. It is meant for everyone in the Information Technology sector, very large enterprise companies, training centers, service providers, and so on. It is free to use and the professional edition has add-on features.