Have you ever wanted to go down an incredibly steep hill on your belly at speeds of up to 20 mph? No, you haven’t, but you will when you try zorbing! Zorbing, or rolling downhill on an inflatable tube, might be one of the most unique pastimes out there, and even if you haven’t heard of it yet, you will love it once you do! Zorbing involves strapping yourself into what looks like a giant hamster ball and rolling down hillsides at fast speeds.

What is zorbing?

Zorbing is an activity where you are placed inside a giant inflatable ball and rolled down a hill. If you want to be brave, you can take the plunge off a nearby cliff or bridge! The ball stretches around your body in order to keep you from bouncing out of the ball. The best part about it? You can’t see anything, so it feels like you’re flying through the air!

The zorb ball cheap comes in two different sizes: regular or small. We recommend newbies go for the small size because this will allow for more control, which is important when learning how to start zorbing.

The basics

How do I participate in zorb riding? If you’re looking to try out this unique pastime, all you need to do is find a location near you where they offer zorb rides. Some sites provide this service as a form of entertainment while others offer it as part of their business, such as some ski resorts. There are also plenty of videos online that show how to create your own homemade zorb.

Why choose zorbing over other outdoor activities?

When you think of outdoor activities, zorbing might not be the first thing to come to mind. But, in reality, zorbing is an amazing outdoor activity that’s unlike anything else out there! Zorbing is a fun and exciting way to get outside, enjoy nature and take in the beautiful sights while having a blast all at the same time! It’s also perfect for people with any level of experience or skill set because it’s safe and easy for anyone to try.


Zorbing is just a ton of fun. From the second you strap yourself into that giant ball, you’re ready to have a great time and enjoy the scenery. In fact, you’ll have one of the most unique experiences around—you’ll be visible from all sides as you make your way down the hill, which is always entertaining for onlookers. Zorbing is also great for group outings; after all, who doesn’t want to roll downhill at up to 20 miles per hour with a bunch of friends?