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Strange Facts About Rh Negative Blood Type Origins
Individuals all over the world are unique in different aspects, and we are aware of the fact that people have different blood groups as well. Generally, we hear about having different positive & negative blood groups, but most of the people rarely know about Rh negative blood type origin and Rh negative bloodline. Also, there is a lot of confusion and misperceptions regarding Rh negative factor among humans. Several people think that Rh negative is an alien blood type. Some people think that having Rh negative bloodline is a kind of illness or abnormality, which may lead to several consequences. In this article, we will provide various strange facts about Rh negative blood and discuss some interesting information on the subject.

Rh negative blood origin
Rh negative blood origin involves a highly interesting story behind its name. Rh blood group was discovered around 60 years back by Karl Landsteiner who isolated rhesus factor from the blood of rhesus monkey, afterwards the same rhesus molecules were observed in human beings as well. Hence this way Rh was named after rhesus macaque monkey. Later RH blood group was ranked as the second most important blood system after ABO and an important factor within the area of transfusion among humans. Currently, the complexities of Rh blood antigens cannot be neglected since any kind of error in the process of blood transfusion in this reference can be fatal. It is due to the fact that Rh negative bloodline can signify the presence of antigens and the status of being immunogenic.

An Intelligible Odyssey About Rh Factor
Very few people know that Rh factor is a kind of protein that is inherited in blood cells. It is present at the surface of red blood cells. We can simply understand the difference between Rh positive and negative factors. If Rh protein is present on the surface of red blood cells, it means that the blood is Rh positive. On other hand, if Rh protein is not present in the blood, it will be referred to as Rh negative blood type. It is a misconception that being Rh negative is some kind of illness. Instead, there is no effect of being Rh negative on human health. However, for pregnant women with Rh negative blood, extraordinary care may be required in the case, the baby has Rh positive blood.

A source to advanced immunization
Rh negative blood is considered as alien blood type; however, it should not be considered as a disadvantage for humans having this blood type. It is interesting to know that Rh negative people have an enhanced level of immunity against parasites known as toxoplasma. The parasite is a silent invader in human body, which causes brain damage, lung damage and eye diseases after entering human blood. Therefore, the people with Rh negative bloodline have an advantage over others, that they have stronger immunity against toxoplasma. Scientists are also conducting research to find if Rh negative individuals are also resistant to other parasites or viruses, but there is still a lot more to be explored and verified. A unique fact regarding the impact of toxoplasma has been found, which identified that Rh negative males could have much more rapid reaction as compared to other people.

Need to know further?
In this article, you have found strange facts about Rh negative blood, which are gathered for you to enhance your knowledge to avoid general misconceptions. This is a natural phenomenon, neither an illness, nor a deprivation. Although risks related to fetal death and new-born mortality are quite significant due to blood type incompatibility. However, Rh factor provides higher immunity against toxoplasma, which is a parasite that silently enters the human body to cause brain damage. So, on one side, it has a risk factor but on the other side it is an advantage. These findings are quite interesting because as a general observation, people have a misconception that Rh negative may be weak since it has the protein missing. But by exploring the characteristics, Rh negative blood group are found to be more advantageous because they show greater compatibility with other blood groups. Most interestingly, please note that Rh negative has not been originated from reptilian blood, it's just a myth.