Our ankle is one of the most delicate joints forming between the lower leg and the foot. It allows the movement of the foot and enables us to walk freely. Due to the presence of various ligaments, tendons and muscles in the ankle region and the number of tasks we complete on our feet, ankle injuries are quite common among a large number of people. 


Ankle injuries are commonly associated with sports injuries. You don’t need to be a sportsperson to twist your ankle and injure it. It can happen to anyone by moving on an uneven surface, or sudden twisting of ankle, or sometimes falling down can cause a severe ankle injury. Getting the apt treatment for such a delicate joint is quite essential. Whether it’s a little sprain, a fracture, or surgery, physiotherapy would be needed to make your ankle get back to the original mobility state. 


Your doctor would definitely advise complete rest during a broken ankle which would lead to very less/no movement of the joint. In that case, physiotherapy exercises can help you get back to smooth motion for your feet. The only way to get back to your pre-surgery state is through professional physiotherapist guidance. There are many physiotherapists in Lane Cove and other areas who offer the best physio services


This article talks about the importance of physiotherapy for recovery after ankle surgery.



The right time to start physiotherapy after the broken ankle depends upon the severity of the injury. Usually, if it’s major surgery, the cast on the ankle remains for six to ten weeks and the patient is given a walking aid. A physiotherapist is called in this case to guide the patient to use the aid. The therapist also regularly views the injured area and keeps track of the joint. After the cast is removed, physiotherapist starts to guide the patient towards various slow moving exercises to restore mobility. This boosts up the healing process as the movement begins. 



Physiotherapy not only helps you to relearn how to walk post a long injury rest but also helps you gain balance for walking, standing or jogging for years to come. It is about setting you up for any kind of physical activity after you’ve been released from the surgery stage. 

A set of exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist would help the joint restore motion. The therapist may make your ankle move actively up and down, or slow rotation, in the first appointment to better the movement of the joint. This would be followed by flexibility exercises. 



It is not easy to walk smoothly after an injured ankle. The joint requires proper guidance to be moved and small steps are to be taken to gain back flexibility. Physiotherapy plays a major role to bring back flexibility and get rid of stiffness due to immobility. For improving flexibility of muscles, therapists suggest certain exercises like towel calf stretching, calf raises, sitting stretching exercises plus more. This enables the muscles to open up and eventually attain flexible movement of the ankle joint. 



The most crucial thing after a long period of immobilization is to get back ankle strength. The muscles become really weak when put to rest for long durations. This is a very common thing after an injured ankle. The physiotherapist would prescribe exercises for strengthening the ankle. Some of the popular strengthening exercises for ankle are tying a band around your toes and pulling it towards yourself, calf raising with light-weighted equipment and more. Your therapist will make sure to provide a specific set of exercises according to the recovery process. 



After an ankle injury, you may be having trouble walking properly. It is quite a normal thing as the joint bears the entire body weight. During physiotherapy exercises your therapist may make you perform gait training exercises like moving on a straight line, moving around little obstacles to improve walking and stepping over small obstructions for better balance and walking. They may also guide you with the right assistive device if required like crutches or a cane to walk easily. 

Physiotherapy is a vital part of ankle surgery. Not only does it improve mobility and flexibility, but a great physiotherapist would also boost towards a positive outlook for faster healing. So, if you need help with recovery, consult the best physios in Lane Cove and around and move towards a healthy lifestyle.